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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 7-2


Today Mikoto has taken part in group training for the relay racing. Now she’s taking a short break on the bench, where Ayuko brings a bottle of drink to her.

Ayuko: Got tired?

She passes her it.

Mikoto: Thank you.

Ayuko: I can see it should be rather tiring for you to join this group training during the lunch break, because you usually take a nap after lunch. I’m a bit worried if you’re really OK.

Mikoto: I pushed myself for the training put in the lunch break, not after school. So I just have to follow it.

Ayuko: Hmm hmm.

She stares at her face.

Mikoto: What?

Ayuko: Never mind. By the way, you were invited to join track and field club by Yajima yesterday. Are you going to?

Mikoto: No, I’m not.

Ayuko stares at her face again.

Ayuko: Hmm hmm. That’s a very romantic story of you, isn’t that?

Mikoto: What? How can you say so?

Ayuko: You know, Yajima said if you joined the club and trained more, you’d be able to run even faster, and you could even take part in the inter-highschool championship! However who owns your golden feet now? That’s Tsubaki.

Saying so, she strokes her thighs. Mikoto stops her.

Mikoto: What are you meaning? Tsubaki owns what?

Ayuko: I know you won’t join the club becaue you want to keep going home after school with him, right?

Mikoto: Well…

Ayuko: And the reason you asked for the time at lunch break, not after school, was also to go home together, wasn’t it?

Mikoto: Oh, that’s…

Ayuko: Does that mean he owns your feet practically?

Mikoto can’t speak anything back to her.

Mikoto: Now I’d better go back to the training.

She just stands up to leave.

Ayuko: Oh, I must have hit the mark!

She can’t help feeling funny about her.


At the moment, Akira is also watching Mikoto from his classroom.

Akira: It seems that she’s going to run the last leg of relay!

While he’s watching the training, he sees other female runners speak to Mikoto casually, which he’s so relieved to see, but at the same time, he’s got another feelings in his mind that he’s not sure himself.

( to be continued )


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