All different kinds of OTAKU

Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 7-3


In the evening at home, Akira’s just come upstairs when his sister Yoko is taking care of his school uniform in her room.

Akira: What’s up, sister?

Yoko: Oh, you’ve been here right time! You students are supposed to wear the winter uniform at school since tomorrow, right?

Akira: Yeah, I forgot about it.

Yoko: Here you go. I had it cleand already.

Akira: Thanks, sister.

Yoko: And don’t forget to dry your hair, or you’d catch a cold.

Akira: I see.

After he leaves her room with his uniform, she closes the door and takes another one out of the laundry bag.

Yoko: In fact, I had mine cleaned, too…

It is her old uniform she used to wear as a high school student. She puts the uniform on and looks herself in the mirror.


Yoko: Oh, I don’t look so bad yet!

She enjoys wearing her uniform for a while by herself.

On the other hand, Akira straight goes to his bed as he’s been in his room. He looks back on Mikoto lying on the bed.

Akira: It seems she’s been getting closer to Oka recently, and today I saw her getting along with Yajima and the others, too. It’s certainly great for her, I know, but… I may be a little too possessive about her… I’m not sure myself…

Then he falls into asleep thinking about Mikoto.

( to be continued )


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