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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 8 “A Mysterious Sensation”


There’re only Mikoto and Akira in a small room in a strange theme park.

Mikoto: Now, Tsubaki. You can touch this…

Apparently, she’s meaning to allow him to touch her breast over her clothes. Even being so nervous, he slowly reaches out his right hand for her breast. Just before it, he once hesitates to go on, but in the end he makes it! Then he wakes up in his bed.

Akira: One day in the fall, I had a dream I touched on the breast of my girlfriend, Mikoto Urabe.

Yes, that was all his dream last night. The next day, he’s still thinking about it in his room.

Akira: I still have got a feeling of her breast on my right hand here. It was very soft but elastic at the same time, and I sure got carried away as I touched that. I wonder is that true for her real one?

He reaches out his hand and remembers her feeling again.

Akira: Oh, no! What am I doing confined in the room in the middle of Sunday? I’d not better fall into a delusion!

He takes his coat and goes out of his room. When he comes by the living room, his sister’s just about to eat chinese steamed buns.

Akira: I’m going out for a while, sister.

Yoko: To where?

Akira; The bookstore.

Yoko: Don’t you have these buns before you go, by the way?


She shows him a pair of steamed chinese buns on her palms, which sure reminds him of some soft, round but elastic thing.

Akira: I… I’m leaving now!

Yoko: So, you don’t want this?

Akira: No thanks!

Yoko: He usually jumps at this, though. Hmm, he’s maybe being in a difficult age!

In fact, she’s very happy she can have both to her.

After leaving home, he’s on the way to a bookstore.

Akira: I didn’t thought I’d be so upset by those buns just in my sight. She may have thought of me strange. I should pay more attention next…

Eventually he got to the store. He goes straight to the shelves and starts browsing one of the movies magazines. Unfortunately, he comes across a bikini girl’s photo, whose breast looks hot to him. He gets pretty embarrassed again.


Akira:  Oh, no! I’ve been here in order to calm down but it’s totally going wrong way!

He leaves the bookstore in a hurry and looks at his watch.

Akira: It hasn’t passed just half an hour yet since I left home. Now, where should I head for?

( to be continued )


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