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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 9 “A Mysterious Green-Eyed Monster”


One day morning, Mikoto wakes up with a bell ringing, but she looks still sleepy giving a big yawn. And foremost, her hair is totally messed up with a sleep.

Short after then, she comes to school and appears in class. Akira has already been in his seat when she shows up. But this morning, he’s a bit surprised to see her unusually tousled head.

Akira: ( Oh… she’s a mess! )

Apparently she didn’t brush enough her hair this morning.

Akira: ( I’ve actually thought it for long that she’d look much better if she paid more attention to her hair. )

Then Ayuko comes up to Mikoto.

Ayuko: Good morning, Urabe!

Mikoto: Morning, Oka.

Ayuko: Wow, what’s the hell with your hair? You look totally messed up!

Mikoto: My hair? Does it look so bad?

Ayuko: It looks just like you in a way, but any girls have to take care of their own hair, right?

Mikoto: I don’t know.


Then they move to a women’s changing room, where Ayuko starts fixing her hair with a blower.

Ayuko: That’s it! How do you like this?

She lets Mikoto check herself in a mirror. Now Mikoto looks a different person with organized bangs and bound hair on both sides of her head.

Mikoto: It’s a bit dazzling.

Ayuko: No wonder you’ve been always shading your eyes with your bangs. I’ve been thought it for long that you’d get yourself a new impression if you arranged your hair and showed your forehead!

Mikoto doesn’t seem so happy herself, though.

Ayuko: So, why don you keep your style for a day?

Mikoto decides to follow her advice in the end.

( to be continued )


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