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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 9-2


On the same day after shcool, Akira and Mikoto are on their way home together as always, however there’s an odd mood created between them, not as usual.

Akira: Urabe, are you coming to school with the same hairstyle tomorrow?

Mikoto: I don’t know. Oka has done my hair, so if she does it again tomorrow, it may be so.

Akira: If you don’t mind, I wish you’d stop the hairstyle tomorrow and went back with your normal style.

He hesitates to look at her face straight.

Mikoto: Why not?

Akira: Oh, that’s because…

But he’s embarrassed to tell her the true reason.

Akira: ( I don’t like anyone else to look at your bare-face that only I’ve been able to see once in a while! )

Even not having figured him out, she starts to take her hair bands off.

Mikoto: Tsubaki, put your both hands to me.

Akira: My hands? OK, but what do you do with them?

She takes his hands and puts them on her head.

Mikoto: Ruffle up my hair with your hands as strong as you can.

Akira: But…

Mikoto: Please!

Akira: I see…


Then he starts ruffling up her hair.

Mikoto: Not enough. Do it harder!

Akira: All right…

He’s not sure what he’s doing it for but just goes on it. She’s just standing still for a while, then as the wind is blowing her hair, she’s come back to herself.

Mikoto: It’s as good as before, you see?

Now her hairstyle got back to the regular style.

Mikoto: I won’t ever have that hairstyle as you don’t like.

Akira: T… thank you.

Mikoto: Now, let’s get back home together.

Akira: ( As I look at her now, she looks the best to me with this hairstyle. )

Suddenly she looks around to speak to him.

Mikoto: Tsubaki, I don’t know why but I was feeling so good while you were ruffling up my hair.

Akira: Oh, you did? That’s… great.

Actually he’s hiding his real thought from her.

Akira: ( I don’t know why but your words just sounded provocative! )

( to be continued )


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