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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 10 “A Mysterious Flirt”


Today Akira has been to the bookstore to buy a copy of weekly TV magazine.

Akira: ( Momoka Imai! She’s featured in the magazine this week! I can’t wait until I get back home! )

Apparently he didn’t give up Momoka Imai, even though he had a horrible experience because of her.

Akira: ( Wait, I must be really careful this time so that Urabe won’t figure it out. )

Shop Clerk: Next one, please.

He walks up to the checkout stand with the magazine.

Akira: ( The reason why I like her is just because she looks like Urabe, after all. But she wouldn’t agree with me… ) “Sigh”

Shop Clerk: Thanks for coming our store.

As he walks out of the store, a girl suddenly talks to him.

???: You, Tsubaki?

Akira: Huh?

???: What a coincidence!

But he can’t figure out who she is.

???: Oh, you may not recognize me since I had my hair cut shorter.

Akira: You… Hayakawa?!

He got really surprised.

Aika: You’ve got it!

Then they decide to walk along the street for a while.

Aika: Tsubaki?

Akira: What?

Aika: How are Ueno and Nishida doing at your school? I remember they’re going to Kazamidai high school, too.

All of them seem to have graduated from the same junior high.

Akira: They’re just same as they were at junior high. Nothing seems to have changed. Talking about Ueno, he finally got a girlfriend.

Aika: He did? How is she like?

Akira: Well, she’s short, wearing glasses, but in gorgeous shape.


They arrive in a small park.

Aika: How about you, then?

Akira: What’s that?

Aika: Did you get a girlfriend?

Akira: Me?!

Remember he used to crush on her during junior high. Although he thinks of Mikoto in a moment, he decides to tell her a lie.

Akira: I haven’t yet.

Aika: Really? I was quite sure you’d had a girlfriend, too.

Akira: Why did you think so?

Aika: Because you didn’t recognize me when we met just now, even though you used to be trying so hard to watch me at junior high. So, I thought you’d had a pretty girlfriend who let you forget me. To tell the truth, I expected you to figure me out even if I had changed my hair, but you didn’t. It was a little disappointing.

Akira: Hayakawa, did you…

Aika: Yes, I knew you were interested in me for 3 years at junior high.

He’s very embarrassed at the fact she somehow knew he used to crush on her.

( to be continued )


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