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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 10-2


Aika has finally stopped crying, but Akira is startled to see her face. She’s watering from her mouth as well as from her eyes.

Akira: ( Why does she look so cute than ever? Does her watering mouth do it? That’s not Urabe’s but other girl’s mouth-water… )

Aika: Tsubaki, can we stay in touch with each other? If you don’t mind, I’d like to see you at times and enjoy conversation with you. Is that all right?

She looks straight at his face with her mouth dribbling. It’s a kind of weird face of a girl but it certainly makes him tempted into her.

Akira: ( I’m getting really curious how other girl’s mouth-water taste… ) If only you let me taste your mouth-water, I will…

He’s being charmed too strong to keep his right mind.

Aika: What…?

Soon he gets back to himself.

Akira: Oh, I wasn’t serious! Please forget about it!

Aika: You mean you’ll see me again in exchange for my mouth-water, right?

Saying so, she puts her finger in her mouth to take some liquid, then points the finger at him.


Aika: All right. Here you go.

Akira: ( There’s Hayakawa’s mouth-water who I used to love for ages one-sidedly… )

Being fascinated by her mouth-water, he’s about to have it in his mouth, but he remembers what Mikoto said to him just in time “Mouth-water is the token of our…” Just then, tears start dropping from his eyes. Aika is also surprised at his tears.


Akira: Oh, why tears?

In his mind, Mikoto is saying to him “Mouth-water is the token of our bonds”

Akira: ( If I had other girl’s mouth-water now, I should break up the bonds between me and Urabe! I never want it to happen! )

He suddenly starts apologizing to Aika.

Akira: I’m sorry, Hayakawa! I know you were trying to do me such a big favor but I asked you that just on impulse! I wasn’t in my right mind, so I’m sorry I can’t make it!

She looks a bit disappointed.


Aika: You’ve got a girlfriend after all, man? You told me you had no girlfriend but your excuse is as good as telling me you can’t cheat on your girlfriend, right?

Akira: Yes, I actually have a girlfriend like you said. But I used to like you a lot at junior high. Today I met you after a long time and I was too happy to keep my mind, then ended up asking you a strange favor, sorry…

Aika: Then, have you ever had your girlfriend’s mouth-water?

Akira: Oh, what?

He’s very surprised because her next question is far beyond his expectation.

( to be continued )


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