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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 10-5


On the same day night that Mikoto first encountered Aika, Akira is leaving home for somewhere in a hurry. Eventually he finds Aika standing alone by a telephone booth.

Akira: Hey, Hayakawa!

Aika: Oh, Tsubaki. I’m sorry I called you suddenly.

She looks relieved to see him show up.

Akira: What all happened to you this late? What kind of advice did you want me?

Aika: Well…

When she turns to him, he finds her putting a bandage on the left of her eyes.

Akira: Is that a bandage on your face?

After thinking for a while, she takes it off and a bruise appears there.

Akira: W… what’s that bruise?!

Aika: My ex-boyfriend did…

Akira: You mean the guy you just split up recently?

Aika: Yes. We had actually ended our relationship but he came to see me yesterday and told me to get back together again. I said no but…

Akira: Then did he hit you?? I heard he told you to be apart himself? It was too selfish of him, wasn’t it?!

Aika: So, this is where I want you to come in. Can you come to our school festival next Sunday?

Akira: But, why?

Aika: I suppose my ex should be there, too, but if he see me with you, he would understand I’ve got a new boyfriend and give me up.

Akira: You mean…

Aika: Yes, I want you to fake my boyfriend a day!

Akira: But, I…

Aika: You can’t because of your girlfriend?

Akira: Don’t you have someone else you could ask for help?

Aika: You know I’m a student at girl’s school so I don’t have male friends. After all, who else could I believe and rely on except you?

Seeing her down in the dumps, he finally makes up his mind.

Akira: OK, I’ll make up your boyfriend a day.


She walks up to him and leans against him.

Aika: Thank you…

She once turns around as she’s leaving.

Aika: Tsubaki, can you promise to come?

Akira: Sure, I will!

Leaving a smile, she runs out of his sight.

Akira: Oh, I agreed to her, after all… It’s just one day so… please forgive me, Urabe!

Meanwhile Aika is not back home yet. She’s by a small fountain in a park wringing out a small towel. She wipes a bruise on her face with it, then the mark is completely disappeared! It seems she made some trick on him.


( to be continued )


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