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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 11 “A Mysterious School Festival”


Akira got reunited with Aika Hayakawa by chance, who he’d been having a crush on when he was at junior high.

She asked him to pretend her boyfriend for a day and he finally agreed to her even though it’d mean to lie to his girlfriend, Mikoto Urabe.

Aika welcomed him as the same look at her junior high when he got to the school festival.

Akira: Listen, Hayakawa. Is it really necessary for us to walk arm in arm?

In fact he’s been feeling a bit embarrassed.

Aika: Sure. We never know when my ex-boyfriend may find us. We have to show him how great we’re doing, or he won’t give me up. You’re being my boyfriend at least today.

Akira: All right…

Aika: Good!

She smiles at him happily, although he’s feeling pretty weird.


At the same time, Ayuko has also arrived to the same place with her boyfriend, Kohei. She’s walking around in the campus taking pictures.

Ayuko: Wow, it’s so fun just as I heard! They’re all dressing up!

Then they come to a cafe which is run by one of the class.

Ayuko: Look, Ueno! Here’s a Maid Cafe! Let’s go in!

A maid cafe is a type of Japanese cafe where waitresses are serving their customers in maid-like ways in both meaning of their looks and manners, in general.

Kohei: Wait a sec. I need to go to the bathroom before we go in. Go ahead and put some order for me, please?

Ayuko: OK!

While he’s doing his job in the bathroom, he can’t help getting excited about the maid cafe.

Kohei: Hmm… maids!

( to be continued )


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