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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 11-2


Akira is brought to some area in the building by Aika, which doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the school festival. He’s been getting a bit confused.

Akira: Hey, it seems to be abandoned?

Aika: Tsubaki, come here!

She invites him into an empty classroom at the end of the hallway.

Akira: Is there anything in this class?

She’s standing by the window when he walks in there.

Aika: Don’t you remember the time when we were junior high students as we’re only left in the empty class like now?

Akira: The time at junior high…


Meanwhile Ayuko has been chasing them and just got to the same place.

Ayuko: I thought Tsubaki and that girl were coming to this direction…

At the moment, she hears someone talking in the classroom.

Aika: You know, we both belonged to the same committee and sometimes worked together in a classroom after school.

Ayuko sneaks up and peeks in the room, where she finds Tsubaki and Aika.

Ayuko: (Oh, that’s Tsubaki! )

Aika: Don’t you remember those days?

Akira: Of course, I do.


He starts looking back on the time when they were at junior high. There’re only Akira and Aika left in a classroom after school, who’re doing their committee’s work together.

Aika: I’ve finally done!

She puts down her pen and stretches her arms.

Aika: Oh, what a beautiful sunset!

She stands up and opens the window nearby. Her beautiful long hair is blown in the wind.

Aika: It’s nice wind!

Akira was just looking at her beautiful hair with a beating heart. But he suddenly walks up to her behind and tries to touch her shoulders. He seems very excited.

Aika: What?

However she notices him standing behind her before he does something to her. He gets really upset and steps aside.

Akira: Oh, well, it’s… it’s really beautiful sunset!

Aika: Yeah, it sure is!

She smiles back to him.

(to be continued )


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