All different kinds of OTAKU

Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 11-4


Just before Ayuko is going to stop Akira, someone holds her back.

Ayuko: ( Who are you?! )

She gets pretty surprised turning around because there’s a weird carton robot standing behind her.

Ayuko: A robot?!

But she soon finds out who it is by finding a familiar eye through a small window on its head.

Ayuko: Are you Urabe?

It seems that Mikoto has also been chasing after them like Ayuko.

Mikoto: “Nods” You stay here.

She opens the curtain quietly and keeps watching them carefully. Aika is offering Akira her mouth-water and he’s just about to accept it, however he declines it in the end.

Akira: Sorry, I can’t make it…

Aika: Are you coward? Don’t escape! Please make it sure by yourself!

Akira: B… but!

Mikoto: Right. You don’t have to get away.

They both get really surprised to see someone, not, some weird robot walking in the room.

Akira: Oh, my! This voice… you Urabe?!

Mikoto: You’ve got right. By the way, I will do that, too.

Aika: What do you mean?

Mikoto: To let him make it sure, right here.

She takes a towel out of her bag.


Mikoto: Turn around.

Akira: What do you do?

She wraps his eyes up with the towel so he can’t see anything.

Akira: Hey!

Mikoto: Don’t take off your blindfold for a few minutes. We’ll decide who’s going to give you mouth-water first by scissors-paper-rock. So you’ll just have to say which one, former or later, was sweeter. Will that work for you, too, Hayakawa?

Aika: You got it!

She doesn’t seem afraid of challenging Mikoto.

Mikoto: We’re all set. Tsubaki, hold your mouth open.

Akira: All right…

They begins scissors-paper-rock.

Mikoto: Now Yayakawa, jan-ken-pon! (rock-paper-scissors! in Japanese)

Mikoto is paper and Aika is rock so the first one to give him is Mikoto. Both of them are careful not to make any noises, by which Akira might recognize which one is giving him now. Mikoto licks her finger silently, then sticks it in his mouth.


Akira: Ah!!

As soon as he licks, he starts bleeding from his nose a lot.

Akira: Sweet! Crazy sweet! This blindfold helps nothing! It must be yours, Urabe?! You… beneath the boxes…

Suddenly a pair of scissors sticks out of the robot.

Aika: Scissors?

She tears up the boxes with scissors, and there all naked Mikoto appears.

( to be continued )


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