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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 11-6


Aika started to be crying hard.

Aika: Anyone I’ve ever loved always had someone else in his heart. I found out that my ex-boyfriend actually didn’t forget his ex yet soon after I start seeing him. None of my ex boyfriends didn’t see me only…

Akira: ( I didn’t know that… )

Aika: Tsubaki, you’ve lost any feelings for me now, too?

Akira: Of course not! In fact I was so happy you wanted me to be your boyfriend! If I was back in those days, I should have been serious about you! But after all, the one I’m into now is Ura..

Mikoto shuts up his mouth with her finger not to go on his words.

Mikoto: Stand up, Hayakawa.

She takes her hand and helps her stand up. She touches her chin gently.

Mikoto: Let your mouth open.


And so Aika does. Mikoto suddenly puts her finger in her mouth and tastes her mouth-water herself. Just as she takes it in her mouth, some strong sensation makes her bend back.

Mikoto: It’s… so sweet! You know Hayakawa, you told us you’ve never been in love with each other, but I believe you’ll find someone who loves you, too, because your mouth-water is that sweet!

Aika is just looking at Mikoto’s face but not crying any more.

Akira: ( It seems everything has turned out well. I really worried how it was going. By the way, I didn’t know Hayakawa’s mouth-water is so sweet. Now, knowing of that, I wish I could have had a taste of that! Oh, it’s no good! I’d better not Urabe to find out what I’m thinking now! What a scare!

He’s scared at the image of Mikoto snipping with scissors.

Akira: Oh, wait! I’m just joking, you know!

As he’s shaking his head, the blindfold on his eyes gets loosen up, and in the end it falls on the floor. He’s pretty embarrassed at these two naked girls in front of him, who haven’t realized him yet, though. Just then, only Ayuko notices him looking at them. She walks in the room.


Ayuko: Hey, guys!

Mikoto: Oka?

She walks up to Akira and points out.

Ayuko: His blindfold is off, you know?

With large screaming, Mikoto and Aika slaps in his face at the same time, and he falls on the floor.

Ayuko: Oh, my! He seems he’s got unconscious by one, no, two hard blows? He looks pretty happy, though. More than him, what a silly of you two to be undressing and fighting each other in the classroom!

Being pointed out by her, both of Mikoto and Aika are just feeling embarrassed. They looks at each other, then Aika starts to be giggling.

( to be continued )


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