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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 12-1


As usual, Akira and Mikoto are on their way home side-by-side after school. But he looks he’s being too self-conscious about her today.

Mikoto: What?

Having noticed him gazing at her, she asks him.

Akira: Oh, well, never mind!

He just gives back her a silly smile but there’s been actually some problem with him.

Akira: ( Since Star-Eye’s school festival, I’ve been reminded of Urabe’s nude when I’m walking with her and I can hardly help my impulse to hug her! )

Mikoto: Hey, Tsubaki.

Akira: Y… yes?

She’s putting her finger in her mouth.

Mikoto: Our daily job.

Akira: Oh, got it!

Even being a little embarrassed, he licks her mouth-water.

Mikoto: Can I have yours, too, today?

Akira: My… mouth-water?!

Mikoto: Yeah.

He gets panicked at her question.

Akira: Oh, no, well, I’m not feeling well today so…

He never wants her to know what he’s thinking at the moment, but she does it anyway.

Mikoto: Look!

Akira: What?!

While he’s getting lured by her pointing at nothing in the air, she manages to take his mouth-water putting her finger in his mouth.

Akira: Hey, no, Urabe!

She takes it in her mouth, though.


Mikoto: …I feel my body’s getting fever now and my heart’s also beating fast… Do you know why?

Her blushing face with full of passion make him even more embarrassed.

Akira: That’s because… please don’t ask me that!!

He runs away from her in the end. She eventually gets back home.

Mikoto: I’m still feeling a fever and my heart also keeps running fast…

Remembering what Ayuko talked to her this afternoon, she feels pretty embarrassed again.

Mikoto: She’s.. really naughty!

But she’s realizing something has been changing in her mind herself.


( to be continued )


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