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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 12-3


Mikoto got Akira’s forehead slightly cut by accident while she was doing panties-scissors at him. She apologized to him and invited him to her house in order to take care of his injury. Now they’ve arrived at her apartment.

Mikoto: Come in, Tsubaki.

Akira: Oh, thanks. Hello, there…

Mikoto: I’ll get a first aid kit for you so please wait for a minute in my room.

Akira: All right.

She goes to the living room and takes the kit out of a cabinet, where she takes a glance at a small photo frame on the small stand by the window. She targets on the frame carefully and tries out her scissors. The photo frame breaks into pieces successfully but the curtain behind it gets also torn up.

Mikoto: Oh, no… I didn’t mean to aim at the curtain, only at the photo frame…

Apparently she’s been out of condition with her scissors today.


Meanwhile Akira is waiting for her in her room by himself.

Akira: ( It’s been a long time since I came in Urabe’s room last time… Either long time no see her bed! )

He looks at the pillow on the bed and finds out something with it. He goes close to her bed and checks it out.

Akira: ( The pillow’s gotten a little wet…? )

He sniffs at the pillow directly.

Akira: ( Something smells so sweet… It should be… )

Just then, he hears Mikoto coming back. He stays away from her bed immediately.

Mikoto: Can you hold up your bangs so that I can disinfect your injury on your head?

Akira: Oh, sure!

She begins healing him.

Mikoto: You know, I don’t usually miss my mark while I’m using my scissors but today I got you hurt by mistake. I’m really sorry…

Akira: Never mind. It’s just a scratch. I know that wasn’t usual of you, though. What’s wrong with you?

Mikoto: I probably know the reason. Actually I had a pretty strange dream last night. That should be it.

Akira: A strange dream? What’s like that?

But Mikoto doesn’t answer to him.

Akira: You know, I found your pillow on your bed being a little wet when I touched it just now. Did it have something to do with your dream?

She wouldn’t say anything but her face starts blushing for some reason.

Akira: ( Is she look blushing? )


She licks her finger and gives him her mouth-water.

Mikoto: Please try it out, Tsubaki.

Akira: All right…

As he has it in his mouth, he starts feeling dizzy again.

Akira: ( What’s this?! I’m getting dazed and I feel as if I were looking at her nude again! Oh, no! I’m nearly going to hug her…! ) Well, I’ve got to go…

He tries to leave as soon as possible so that he won’t make the same mistake.

Mikoto: You go?! But… I haven’t finished your healing yet. Please wait, Tsubaki!

She stops him holding his shoulder. He looks at her face and gets so embarrassed because she’s not wearing any clothing – at least she looks so to him.


Akira: ( It’s… gonna be a disaster…! ) D… don’t come, now!

He pushes her back roughly and she falls in her bed.

Akira: S… sorry!

As he moves toward her, he happens to steps on the first-aid kit. Losing his control, he’s just going to fall onto Mikoto!

( to be continued )


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