All different kinds of OTAKU

Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 12-8


Mikoto is waiting for Akira at the bridge where they usually use to meet after school. Soon he shows up.

Akira: Hi, Urabe! Sorry to keep you waiting!

She is a little surprised to see his face.

Mikoto: Is the gauze on your head…

Akira: Oh, is it coming off again?

Mikoto: No, but haven’t you changed it to the bandage?

Akira: That’s because I thought the gauze you’d put on me would heal me quicker.

Even being embarrassed, he tells her his mind, which makes her start blushing, too.

Akira: You know, you took care of me with the gauze getting really worried about me so I want to use it as long as possible.

She looks happy although she doesn’t appear it on her face.

Eventually they’ve come to their say-goodbye-point.

Mikoto: Now, Tsubaki. Here’s for today.


She lets him lick her mouth-water on her finger as usual. Suddenly he feels he really wants to hug her again. He slowly spreads his arms then holds her body. Whenever he did it before, she escaped from his arms very quickly every time but today, she doesn’t – she lets him do as he likes. However the next moment, Akira himself gets back to himself.

Akira: Oh, s… sorry! I didn’t mean it! My arms just moved on their own! No panties-scissors, please!

Mikoto: It’s all right. In fact, it’s me who wanted to cuddle up to you.

Looking at her face closely, she’s a little blushing.

Mikoto: See you tomorrow, Tsubaki.

Akira: See you…

He’s just seeing her leaving for a while.

Akira: I know, she’s always mysterious and pretty hard to understand, therefore I feel very happy when I managed to get to her heart.

So it became his memorial day that he succeeded in hugging her without being escaped for the first time.


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