All different kinds of OTAKU

Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 13-1


Mikoto is walking down the shopping street. Then suddenly she finds Yoko buying at a Japanese sweet shop.

Shop clerk: Here you go, have a nice day.

Yoko: Thanks.

She seems to come to the shop often. After being in two minds, Mikoto finally decides to speak to her.

Mikoto: Excuse me.

Yoko: Yes?

Mikoto: You’re Tsubaki’s sister, aren’t you?

But Yoko hasn’t recognized who the girl is yet.

Mikoto: I’m Urabe. I’m in the same class as Tsubaki.

She tries to be as polite to her as she can.

Yoko: Ah, you’re the girl that took school handouts for Akira some times!

Mikoto: It’s been a long time since I met you last.

Yoko: Thanks for your help at that time.

Mikoto: You’re welcome. My seat in the class is next to Tsubaki so I’ve been helped a lot by him.

Yoko: It’s very polite of you.

Mikoto: I hope you’ll remember me. Thanks for your time.

Having introduced herself to Yoko, she’s going to leave there.

Yoko: Wait, Miss Urabe! Could you come with me for a while if you don’t mind?

Mikoto: Yes?

( to be continued )


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