All different kinds of OTAKU

Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 13-4


The following Sunday, Akira’s families are at some place. He’s carrying a bucket filled with water that looks so heavy.

Akira: Here comes water.

Yoko: Thanks.

It seems they’ve come to a graveyard.

Yoko: Then, you clean up the grave stone with rags, Akira.

Akira: All right.

Yoko: I’ll be offering the flowers and food. Can you burn the incense, daddy?

Father: OK.

By the way, it’s been the first time their father appears throughout this show.

Akira cleans up the gravestone, their father burns incense and Yoko places the flowers and a piece of sakura mochi in front of it.

Father: Sakura mochi, she loved it.

Yoko: Yes.

It turned out to be their mother’s grave and it’s the anniversary of her death today.

Yoko: OK, now let’s pray.

Putting their palms, they keep praying for a while in silence. I suppose this is the most common way of praying at the grave in Japan, even not for purely Buddhist.


Having finished their visit to the grave, they’re walking down the path.

Yoko: Now I can feel easy finishing my report to mother.

Akira: Report? What did you report to mother?

Yoko: Of course about you, Akira.

Akira: What? About me?

Yoko: I promised her to bring you up instead of her until you hit 20, better yet, until you get a job graduating from college.

Akira: Really?! Do you mean that you won’t get married until I get a job?

Yoko: Of course, I won’t.

Akira: That’s too much! You don’t have to look after me until so late!

He feels pretty sorry for her not to marry because of himself.

Father: He’s right. If there’s a right man, you could leave home anytime, Yoko. Don’t worry anything about household. We’ll manage ourselves.

Akira: Sure.

But she isn’t convinced at all.

Yoko: Are you kidding? I haven’t ever seen both of you cook anything but instant food!

The two men are just embarrassed.

Yoko: How about you, Akira. Did you report something to mother?

Akira: Yeah, a kind of news around me rather than a report.

Yoko: What kind of news?

Akira: Well, a variety of things.

Yoko: Hmm?

Akira: ( Of course, I told mom about just one thing… )

( to be continued )


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