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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 13-7


Eventually they got to Akira’s mother’s grave in the graveyard.

Mikoto: Is it your mother’s grave?

Akira: Yes.

She begins offering the flowers to the grave, as well as some food in a lunch box she ‘s brought here.

Akira: What’s this, Urabe?

Mikoto: It’s beef rolled by bacon that Oka taught me how to cook. It’s very good.

As a matter of fact, her recipe isn’t very normal at least in Japan and I’m not sure whether it’s appropriate as an offering to the grave or not.

Mikoto: This is my best dish for now so I wanted your mother to have a taste, too.

Saying so, she prays putting on her palms each other. The sky is blue and a bird’s flying so high.

Mikoto: You know what, Tsubaki.

Akira: Oh, what?

Mikoto: I don’t usually wear like this clothes. The reason I picked it up was I wished I’d look as much cute as possible to your mother even if it’d be a grave.

Akira now got to know why she’s dressed up today.

Mikoto: What’s up? You look so surprised?

Akira: In fact, I didn’t expect you to think that way.

Mikoto: You didn’t, huh? By the way, what was your mother like?

Akira: Actually, I remember hardly anything about her. As you know, she passed away when I was very little. After then, my sister, 7 years older than me, has brought me up as a mother. So I know very little about my mother. I don’t even know how I was doing when she died.

Mikoto: When was the grave built, Tsubaki?

Akira: Just after my mother’s death, I believe.

Mikoto: Let me take your left hand please?

Akira: My left hand?

He follows as she tells him even not knowing what she’s going to do. She takes his left hand then puts it on the top of the gravestone.


Mikoto: Let’s exchange our mouth-water keeping your hand on the grave.

Akira: Exchange?!

He’s very surprised at her sudden and weird proposal.

Mikoto: Open your mouth?

Akira: All right…

Licking her finger, he reaches out his right hand to her lips.

Akira: ( Her lips are so soft… )

His finger enters into her mouth then.

Akira: ( And it’s so warm, soft and wet inside her mouth… )

They lick each finger with crossing their arms.

Akira: ( What’s this? I feel… so good! )

When he opens his eyes slowly after a big sensation, he finds her having tears in her eyes.

Akira: Why are you weeping?

Mikoto: You may not remember anything but in fact you were crying over your mother’s death as you were a child.

He realizes he’s got tears in his own eyes, too.

Akira: Oh, what?

Mikoto: That’s the reason we’re having tears in our eyes now. I think you’ve always kept a smile on your face rather than crying. And your mother, sister and father must have helped you make it. I hope I’ll be able to be like them in the future for you.

He’s so impressed he can’t hold back another tears. He smiles back to her and says.

Akira: Sure…!


They’re walking through under the trees after the grave.

Akira: Come to think of it, maybe that wasn’t very good.

Mikoto: What’s wrong?

Akira: You know, it wasn’t appropriate very much to lick each mouth-water in front of mother’s grave.

Mikoto: We can’t help it, after all.

Akira: Oh, why?

Mikoto: Because we are going to do more inappropriate things in the future!

She smiles at him. He feels a little embarrassed to know what she means.

Mikoto: Hey, look up! The cherry blossoms are getting bloom! Spring’s coming close!

They keep walking down the path lined with cherry trees.

Akira: ( Mom, I got my first girlfriend of my life, named Mikoto Urabe! )

A beautiful butterfly rests on a rose, from which a lot of sweet syrup is welling out to the ground.



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