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Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 14 “A Mysterious Summer Festival”


It’s a story back in one summer day. Akira just comes downstairs being called by his sister.

Yoko: Hey, Akira!

Akira: What’s up, sister?

Yoko: I finally found it!

She shows him a man’s yukata, a traditional japanese clothing in summer. But he’s surprised at her wearing her own yukata rather than his one.

Akira: Oh, sister, what happened to your clothes?

Yoko: It’s a festival, right? Kazamidai shrine’s summer festival is taking place tonight!

Akira: Ah, you right. I forgot about it to be held today.

Yoko: Then put your arms through this!

Akira: What?

She wants him to wear the yukata, he doesn’t look he likes it very much, though.

Yoko: You should be wearing the yukata. It’s the festival, after all!

As she says, people like to wear yukata especially when it comes to the festivals in summer.

Akira: No, I won’t!

Yoko: When you were a child, you were so excited about wearing yukata saying “I am a samurai!”

She giggles at him.

Akira: That’s an old story, eh?

Yoko: Anyway, put it on quickly then call some girl on your mind?

He’s a bit startled at her suggestion.

Yoko: It’s true for both men and women that you feel your heart beating when you see him or her wearing a different clothes than usual!

Akira: ( Would Urabe come with me if I ask her out…? )

( to be continued )


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