All different kinds of OTAKU

Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 14-1


Following Yoko’s advice, Akira decided to go to the festival wearing yukata. She’s about to leave home now.

Yoko: I’ll have your geta ready, too, right?

Akira: Um, thanks.

Geta is a traditional shoe in Japan, which looks like somewhat flip-flaps but it’s made of wood with two teeth on the bottom of it. People don’t usually wear geta anymore but sometimes do when they wear Japanese traditional clothing like kimono or yukata.

Yoko: And be sure not to get lost. You got lost so easily and it was a tough job to search for you!

Akira: You know, that was an old story, too!

He feels a little awkward at his own childhood story.

Yoko: OK. See you then.

Akira: Take care.

She leaves home ahead of him.

Akira: I wonder who she’s coming with?

Anyway he walks up to the telephone machine to give Mikoto a call but he knows he’s being a little nervous. Just as he’s about to lift the receiver, someone comes into his house.

Kohei: Hello!

Akira is so surprised at his sudden visit.

Kohei: Tsubaki?

Akira: You, Ueno?!

Kohei: Wow!

For some reason, he looks very happy walking up to Akira.

Kohei: Comrade!

Akira: What?

Kohei: Great, Tsubaki! It’s just what I expected you! You’ve been all set knowing I’m coming!

Akira: What are you talking about?

Kohei: Oh, you aren’t? I thought you were pumped up for the summer festival wearing the yukata.

Akira: No, my sister just put it on me!

Kohei: All right. Now I’ll ask you. Please come to the festival with me!

Akira: I won’t. How come I have to go there with only guys.

Kohei: Oh, pardon me. Please come with us!

Akira: Us?

Kohei: In fact, I’ve asked my honey, Oka, out tonight, too. But what if some of our classmates see us being together? So I thought we should start with four of us so that we could make any excuses to them afterward!

Akira: Four of us?

Kohei: Tsubaki, try your luck! I’ve already set up a girl for you who you must like!

Akira: What do you mean?

Kohei: You know, Oka’s coming with Urabe.

Akira is very surprise because he never thought her name would come out from his mouth.

Kohei: Leave it to me! Let’s double date!

It’s not the way Akira planned but it seems that he’s able to go to the summer festival with Urabe!

( to be continued )


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