All different kinds of OTAKU

Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 14-10


Akira and Mikoto supposed the mysterious fox-masked boy and girl had gone somewhere but actually they’re still staying near them. Now they’re sitting on the top of the roof of the shrine. The boy seems to be pouring the ochoko with sake from the tokkuri.

Togawa: Stop, Matsubue! You’re a student! You aren’t supposed to drink any alcohol!

Matsubue: You know, it’s just water.

Togawa: Sure? …Well, you just wanted to get these ochoko and tokkuri on her buttocks after all, didn’t you?

Matsubue: That’s right. Her yukata was made of really rare fabric in the middle of Edo era.

Togawa: You know well.

Matsubue: But I didn’t forget to give her a little my thanks.

It seems that he’s the one who slipped the marriage charm into Mikoto’s sash in exchange for these ochoko and tokkuri printed on her yukata.

By the way, who are these boy and girl? Actually they’re the characters in another work of the same author, named Riichi Ueshiba and the work’s title is Discommunication. Unfortunately I’ve never read it before, so I can’t tell you much of it. They’re seeing each other and the boy, Matsubue is a kind of odd boy knowing a lot about mysterious things. The girl, Togawa is… maybe a little weird, too. Anyway, let’s go back to the story.

Togawa: Let me try it!

She snatches his ochoko and drinks it up.

Matsubue: Are you sure?

Togawa: It’s very good! I’m drunk already!

Matsubue: Who could get drunk just by water? ( “Sigh” There’s a tough girlfriend everywhere! )

Tonight, the moon looks especially beautiful and large.

Matsubue: Hey, Togawa?

Togawa: Yes?

Matsubue: Let me have the taste of your tears please?

Togawa: What? My tears?

Matsubue: I’ve got the onion extract here, too.

Togawa: That’s no thanks. ( I wonder why he keeps giving me a strange request all the time? Well, the summer is coming up to the end again…  )

She’s imagining what she feels sorry so that she can start crying.

Togawa: Now, it’s ready for you, Matsubue.

Matsubue: Thanks a lot, Togawa.

With his lips on her eyelid, he licks her tears up directly.

Togawa: You know, Matsubue, I’ll be taking all your request until I figure you out. I believe I’ll be able to find the reason why I fell in love with you by finding your secrets out. Then I’m sure to get to my own answer to the mystery, which everyone always has to wonder as they fall in love with someone…

This is another a little odd love story of young man and woman at the summer night festival.


( to be continued )


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