All different kinds of OTAKU

Nazono Kanojo X – Episode 14-11


Meanwhile Kohei and Ayuko are enjoying themselves alone doing small fireworks that we call senkou-hanabi in Japanese. Kohei has been looking forward to the chance of him being able to hold her body and he thinks it must be the right time.

Kohei: ( Oka…! )

He’s just about to hug her from behind with trembling hands.

Ayuko: No, the senkou-hanabi will drop if I move.

The senkou-hanabi is very small and fragile, which keeps sparking for a few seconds then drops on the ground when it finishes.

Kohei: “Sigh…”

He looks so disappointed that Ayuko feels a bit sorry for him. She leans her body against him and takes his hand gently, which makes him very very happy.

Kohei: ( I’ve finally made it, Tsubaki! )

He shouts out in his mind.


On the other hand, Akira and Mikoto are on their way back home. He’s still carrying her on his back.

Mikoto: Hey, Tsubaki.

Akira: What?

Mikoto: Well, here you go for today.

Akira: All right.

She gives her mouth-water him with her finger. Suddenly he gets so excited.

Akira: Sure, Urabe! The next year, we’ll…

Before he finishes his words, the fireworks start shooting up far away. They look up it together.

Mikoto: So beautiful!

Akira: Yeah! ( If there was no fireworks now, anyone could be listening to our hearts running so fast! Although we had lots of strange experience at the summer festival, I wish we can come back here alone next year! )

Mikoto: You know, Tsubaki.

Akira: Yes?

Mikoto: Let’s come to here only two of us next year, shall we?

Akira: Sure!!

They both feel so happy because their thought turned out to be the same. The beautiful fireworks keep shooting up to the sky towards the end of the festival and their summer vacation.

( End )


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