All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP1-2


Sasahara gave up joining both of Ani-Ken and Man-Ken in the end. After trudging for a while, he finds a weird name club “Gendai Shikaku Bunka Kenkyu Kai” There’re only three men waiting at the desk and two of them are talking to themselves.

Tanaka: The summer costume has set in stone, right?

Kugayama: Can you make the president’s helmet on your own?

Tanaka: Maybe I can model the German army’s.

Kugayama: The thing is whether it looks solid.

Tanaka: That won’t be the matter actually.

Kugayama: Um, I mean the more detailed the better…

It seems they’re talking about Kuji-Un like other clubs. In fact, Sasahara didn’t know Genshi-Ken at all at this time, so he looks into the guide book to get their information. But there’s just a picture of Kuji-Un’s character, Izumi Tachibana, on their page with a simple message “I’m right here” – just nonsense.

In fact, their name “Gendai Shikaku Bunka Kenkyu Kai” is pretty unclear even to the Japanese, therefore Sasahara can’t figure out what kind of activities they actually do, excepting just one thing that they seems to be in favor of Kuji-Un.

After few days, Sasahara is coming to the clubs’ wing at the university to visit the Genshi-Ken. In fact, he hasn’t been able to get them out of his head these days.

It’s been a bit scary trip for him to go through the dim, messy corridor up to the 3rd floor, where their club room is. He finally finds the door of Genshi-Ken, which not only a picture of Ritsuko is put on, but also the theme of Kuji-Un is hearing from the inside. Then, someone talks to him as he’s being in two minds whether he should go in or return.

Kosaka: Oh, are you a man of Genshi-Ken? You may be my senior?

Sasahara: N… No, I’m a freshman.

Kosaka: Really? Me, too.

He smiles at Sasahara.

Kosaka: Have you joined already?

Sasahara: No, not yet. I just wanted to take a look.

Kosaka: I see. You know, I’ve already joined.

Sasahara: What?

He knew he was asking Man-Ken at their desk the other day, so he’s a bit surprised by him having joined Genshi-Ken.

Kosaka: Do you want to check inside?

He opens the door and introduce him to the other member.

Kosaka: Hello, he’s been here to take a look us.


The guys look up at Sasahara at the same time. Suddenly the biggest guy, Kugayama, offers a chair to him, which he’s just been sitting in.

Sasahara: Well, I… I’m okay. I’ve got another chair over there…

But Kugayama takes and sits in one of those folding chairs before Sasahara does. He has to sit in the one Kugayama offered, after all.

Sasahara: ( …It’s been warmed up… )

He didn’t want to sit in just because he didn’t like the uncomfortable warmth.

Tanaka: Kosaka, will Kasukabe come today?

Kosaka: I’m not sure. I didn’t hear she’d come.

Madarame: Great. We won’t have to have her inquisition at least today.

Tanaka: You, harsh inquisition.

Kosaka: I’m sorry for you.

Tanaka: She won’t join us, will she?

Kosaka: I guess she won’t.

Sasahara finds Kuji-Un running on TV(maybe recorded) in the corner by the window. He feels a bit easy to see it, and when they start talking about Kuji-Un, he feels he’s getting relaxed little by little.

( to be continued )


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