All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP1-6


After visiting at Genshiken, Sasahara still hasn’t decided to join the club. Today, he meets Kugayama by chance when he’s watching the college bulletin board. He feels awkward so he pretends not looking at him. Kugayama just passes by him, too, although he’s a bit worried about Sasahara not showing up in the club.

After then, Sasahara is at the cafeteria to have lunch, where Kosaka runs into him.

Kosaka: Hi, Sasahara.

Sasahara didn’t expect to meet him here.

Kosaka: Can I share the table?

Sasahara: Yes, of course.

They start having lunch together.

Kosaka: Hey, I’ve hardly seen you in Genshiken recently. What’s up?

Sasahara: Well, the first thing is that I haven’t decided to join the club yet.

Kosaka: Oh, you haven’t? Why not?

Sasahara: I’m not sure if I’m really going to fit in.

Kosaka: Really? I think the club is just right for you.

Sasahara isn’t sure whether he should be happy or not with looking like Otaku.

Sasahara: You may be right if you think so.

He takes a glance at Kosaka, who has a very nice look and fashion sense that is opposite of Otaku.

Sasahara: You don’t look that way.

Kosaka: What do you mean?

Sasahara: You know, you have a girlfriend.

Kosaka: Hmm? I’ve got no one right now.

Sasahara: What? Wasn’t that yours?

Kosaka: Ah, we aren’t seeing each other actually, although we’re being together all the time. Does Saki love me? What do you think?

Sasahara: You’d rather seem to be that than Otaku…

He’s a bit tongue tied with him being too easygoing.


Meanwhile Kasukabe is working at a boutique away from the college. She’s interested in fashion so she has a part time job there. She’s griping at her co-worker about his boyfriend and Genshiken guys.

Kasukabe: Yes, that’s right. They’re Otaku! Although it’s just 30 minutes (by train) from Shinjuku (one of the busiest cities in Tokyo), it (their campus) is in the middle of the mountains that never looks to be in Tokyo, where we have nothing to play! In such college, young man and woman should have got just one thing to do, right?

Woman: That’s so funny!

Kasukabe: I wonder why they’re always playing video games…

As the rep of normal people in this story, it’s long and tough way for her to understand how Otaku lives.

( to be continued )


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