All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP2-5


Today we’re going to watch one of the episodes of Kuji-Un. It seems that they’ve just ended the cooking battle.

Kasumi Kisaragi: That’s all for the game.

She’s a vise president of the student council and seems to be in charge of the referee now.

Komaki Asagiri: Thank goodness.

Tokino Akiyama: It was delicious!

Izumi Tachibana: Come on…

Ritsuko Kettenkrad: …Thanks.

She’s a president of the student council (Kaicho in Japanese). She says it in a soft voice when she passes by Chihiro Enomoto. He soon runs after her out of the room.

Chihiro: Ricchan! ( Ritsuko’s childhood nickname)

He stands in front of her since she didn’t stop walking. He takes her hand gently.

Chihiro: You must be Ricchan!? It’s me, Chihiro Enomoto. When did you come back?

She looked slightly blushed when he touched her hand.

Ritsuko: 3 years ago.

Chihiro: Why… that was so long ago! I thought you’d been out of town… You could even let me know, couldn’t you?

Ritsuko: I thought it’d not be necessary.

Chihiro: …What?

Shaking off his hand, she walks away with her companies. There seems to be some reasons that she has to be cold to him.


Chihiro has a flash back when they both were very little. She was crying since she had to separate from him.

Little Ritsuko: If I stopped being a crybaby, would you marry me?

Still, she kept crying in his arms. He just answered by nodding…

The videotape was stopped.

Madarame: Now we hold the 256th weekly We-enjoyed-Kuji-Un meeting.

They’ve been watching the videotape of Kuji-Un.

Sasahara: …Did it air so much?

Tanaka, Kugayama: Don’t mention it.

Sasahara: Oh?

He’s apparently difficult to understand Madarame’s joke.


Madarame: It’s finally come, the flashback!

Kugayama: “Would you marry me?” It was really blowing.

Tanaka: In comparison with the present Kaicho in the previous scene, who was so cold to Chihiro, it comes to us even more, doesn’t it?

Madarame: Thinking of a childhood friend, she’s a always winner.

Others: Nods.

Madarame: But why?

Tanaka: Maybe because of sharing childhood memories. It isn’t always possible with new friends who popped up recently.

Kugayama: Yeah, and they’ve been too close to step up.

Sasahara: A promise made in childhood, it’s a standard, too.

Madarame: In fact, she didn’t say “Would you marry me?” in the original story.

Tanaka: Are you sure?

Madarame: “If I stopped being a crybaby…” It was made to let us imagine what she’d say after it.

They’re impressed by Madarame’s knowledge.

Sasahara: I’d prefer the original one, not sure about saying in words…

Kugayama: Don’t you think it’s more dramatic in the version of animation?

Tanaka: I think this version is better, too.

Madarame: I go with the original one, after all.

While they’re into the Otaku discussion, someone comes into the room.

( to be continued )


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