All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP2-8


Kasukabe found some anime porn comics in Kosaka’s room. She thought it was a big issue but Genshiken’s guys denied it. She’s really shocked by many facts told by them, especially Madarame.

Kasukabe: I can’t understand how come you get excited at such pictures…

Madarame: Hey, here’s another nagger about 2D complex.

Kasukabe: Huh?!

She’s a little irritated by his talk but he doesn’t care about it. He starts writing a smily on the white board.

Madarame: How do you see it?

Kasukabe: A face?

Then he writes down W x Y in a vertical low.

Madarame: Then, is this?

Kasukabe: A woman’s body?

Madarame: That’s right! As you see, the human being converts even abstract symbols into other things with imagination, which could be called one of our brains’s functions. You can also know it by observing the existence of ancient wall paintings. They imagined animals there, on the wall, that running through on the great plain! Therefore, the people who say “I can’t masturbate with anime paintings” should have some defects with their brains or they’re just trying to show themselves off! You know there was already Syunga(= the group of ancient porn paintings ) in the Edo era, eh!?

In spite of his impassioned speech, she’s still pretty cold.

Kasukabe: Being into only paintings is also defective enough, right? So, do you want to say you have no interest in real women honestly?

Kugayama: That’s one of the frequent questions, too.

Tanaka: We do have some interests actually so we’d rather have a girlfriend if we can, although I’m not sure about Madarame…

Madarame: I don’t mind having one myself…

Sasahara: Before that, I think Kosaka is a little too easygoing, isn’t he?

Kasukabe: You said it! Before his hobbies, I haven’t been able to catch up to his that character yet!

Sasahara: I know.

Madarame: Neither for his character or his hobbies, you must have picked him up for his looking.

Kasukabe: Huh?!

She got irritated with him again.


Madarame: You fell into love with him just seeing his surface, didn’t you? I can’t see who could do such a thing without knowing him very well.

But it seems to really get on her nerves this time.

Kasukabe: Don’t speak too free. Well, it hasn’t been the first time we met in the college.

Guys: Hmm?

Even being embarrassed, she explains to them.

Kasukabe: You know, we both lived in the same neighborhood when we were kids.

( to be continued )


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