All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP2-11


The preview for Episode 3

Sasahara: You know, you’ve got something that you want to forget, right? For example, things happened in the past.

Kugayama: I know. A past I most want to delete is about a magazine that I contributed to.

Sasahara: Kind of life advice?

Kugayama: N… No! Like some…

Madarame: Oucitan*…

Kugayama: Oh, no!

Kugayama: Roadist*…

Kugayama: I never agree to say such words in public!

Sasahara: He’s getting angry wrong!

*Oucitan, Roadist… Names referring to the readers of two anime magazines, Monthly OUT and Fanroad, especially who loved to contribute to these magazines. Before the spread of internet, it was a way to communicate with other anime Otaku. They used to send letters to these magazines so that they could make other friends via these magazines’ readers’ section (maybe like some want ads in the paper). Kugayama maybe feeling it was a stigma that he used to be one of them.


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