All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP3-2


As Comic Festival started, they finally got into the conventional hall.

Announcement: The place was very crowded right now. Please make your way without haste. Thank you for your help.

Having gotten some first treasures, Genshiken guys are at a short break.

Kugayama: Posters, desk pads…

Sasahara: Should I check the treading cards right now?

Kugayama: Before that, we’d stand in line only for the trading cards, where we’ll just have to drop out if you find you’ve got one.

Sasahara: OK.

Their target is a special limited trading card of Kuji-Un that is only available today, right here. Trading cards are five in one package. You can’t know what cards inside until you buy and open it.

Kosaka: Let’s go, Madarame?

He’s been standing spacy for a while with lots of sweat.

Madarame: Ah, yeah…

They start unpacking each cards during standing in line.

Kugayama: No today’s only limited special card.

Sasahara: Me, neither.

Kosaka: Same here.

Kugayama: OK, then hand your cards me so that I can classify them.

Sasahara: Wait, what’s up, Madarame?

Madarame: Sorry, but could you check mines for me, Sasahara?

Sasahara: What?

Madarame: I suppose I just twisted my wrist when I fell.

Sasahara: Are you all right? Is it swollen?

Madarame: I haven’t checked it out yet…

He pulls his right hand out of the pocket, which is sure getting worse. The guys can’t help being worried about him.

Sasahara: It must be a sprain at least or could be even worse…

Madarame: Oh, I guess you right and I even forgot to pretend Tetsuo right now…

Sasahara: Huh??

He’s referring his swollen right hand to Tetsuo in AKIRA, a famous Japanese anime movie. Unfortunately Sasahara couldn’t realize his joke.

Sasahara: Why don’t you go to an aid station immediately, even better, to the hospital?

Madarame: I’m all right. Don’t worry… Here.

He never looks okay but he gives his bag Sasahara anyway.

Sasahara: If you insist.

He opens the package for him and, to his surprise, a limited special card appears from it!

Sasahara: …You hit the rare card…

Not only them but the people around them are also admired it.


Madarame: …I sort of saw the God, didn’t I?

Sasahara: Forget it…

His patience looks to be rewarded at the time…

( to be continued )


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