All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP3-3


The rain has stopped. It cleared up outside but Madarame’s condition is getting worse and worse.

Sasahara: Oh, he looks so sick, sick and terrible.

Kugayama: Are you really OK, Madarame?

Madarame: I’ve been even losing the pain little by little…

Kugayama: That’s never good, isn’t that?!

Madarame: No kidding. It’s just start. We’ve finally reached the East Wing.

Sasahara: But…

Kugayama: You couldn’t buy anything with those hands, could you?

Madarame: I know. I’ll be sticking to Sasahara’s back. My height should work well. If I like it, too, I’ll ask him to get 2 copies then I’ll pay him for it afterward.

He’s going to tag along with Sasahara so that he could check out dojinshi over his shoulders even without using hands.

Sasahara: I’m never happy with that.

Madarame: You’ll just have to choose anything you like!

Sasahara: That’s where I hate the most!

Madarame: Figure it, Sasahara. Caught the first train, kept standing in the long line, held up to the muggy rainstorm for 5 hours, got over the injuries and the rare card trap and I’ve finally been in front of the huge treasure! Who could back off here!?

Sasahara: I don’t think you actually got over your injuries…

Madarame: Huh, I’ve already gotten numbed with it!

But they’re all shocked to see his big swollen hand.

Madarame: Oh…?

It looks so serious they can hardly do anything but laughing at each other. He quickly hides his hand back in the pocket.

Madarame: Let’s make it we haven’t seen anything.

Guys: You do?!

Madarame: Then, let’s go

An oncoming man’s elbow slightly hits Madarame’s arm when he turns around to go.

Man: Sorry.

The next moment, Madarame collapsed on the floor.

Kugayama: What’s the big deal?

Sasahara: Hey, Madarame?

They thought he just tried to be kidding as he’d been doing several times today but it wasn’t.

Madarame: Uhhh…

He’s even beginning to show the whites of his eyes.

Sasahara: Geez, it’s not fake!

Kugayama: Call the staff right away, Sasahara!!


Short after it, there’s Madarame being on a stretcher by the medical staff.

Kugayama: What a fuss…

Sasahara: His brain may have shut it down like a breaker. I think he’s been pushing himself too hard.

Kugayama: Now, I’ll go along with him.

Sasahara: No, I will.

Madarame: Don’t come!!

He suddenly screams out with his very sharp voice.

Guys: Huh??

Sasahara: Have you woken up?

Madarame: Don’t come… you get dojinshi… buy 2 copies when nice… will pay later…

He tells his friends so as if he’s at the edge of his life. Even Genshiken guys are pretty awkward at his tough Otaku spirit.

Guys: Oh…

Madarame: I’ll count on you!!!

He kept shouting even during being carried away.

Staff: Don’t speak. You’ll bite your tongue.

Kugayama: I’ve actually seen some guys getting carried on the stretcher.

Sasahara: I know, but I never thought it’d happen to my friends.

Kosaka: Aha.

As it is, poor Madarame had to retire from Comic Festival.

( to be continued )


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