All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP3-6


He’s still shopping for nice dojinshi.

Sasahara: ( Hmm, I may have bought too much. It’s so heavy… )

He’s carrying lots of copies in his paper bag that looks to be torn up at any time. But he runs up to the next one when he finds another dojinshi about Kuji-Un’s Kaicho “A School Council in the Dark”. Apparently he’s particularly crushed into her. He quickly starts checking it out paying attention to the guys who’s also doing the same there. Now, he doesn’t hesitate anymore not like at the beginning.

Sasahara: ( Man, I’ve totally fit in here… ) I’ll take one, please.

He decided to buy it without thinking much long. He seems he got completely used to the manner at Comi-Fess.

Sasahara: ( Now, I’m just looking like the same kind to anyone’s eyes… )

A man and his girlfriend are passing by him.

Sasahara: ( Man, have you brought your girlfriend here?! Then, you can’t really express yourself enough, eh? )

From his jealousy or not, he criticizes the man for bringing his girlfriend to such dojinishi conference. Another man’s going in front of him, who looks cool and stylish.

Sasahara: ( What?! Damn, he’s trying to show off! Put on right outfit to the place! )

Of course he’s all shouting at them in his mind. In the meantime, he finds one Kaicho’s dojinshi after another, such as Kuji-Parody, Helmet Warrior2 and Project K.

Sasahara: ( Get! Get! And get it! I’m gonna get them all as they’re Kaicho’s books!! )

He’s beginning to lose his right mind at last but he somehow understands it himself.

Sasahara: ( Oh, Geez! Something… something is beginning to open on the top of my head!! )

He’s been too excited at the huge amount of dojinshi since it’s been his first Comi-Fess to keep his right mind anymore, when a stranger suddenly speaks to him.

( to be continued )


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