All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP4


“The Sublimation of Psychological Barrier by Making Makeup and Costume Dissimilated”

One day at Genshiken’s room, guys are passing their time each way, like reading comic magazines or drawing pictures. But one, no, two of them are a little standing out from others – Kosaka and Kasukabe. She’s been cuddling up to him and reading the same magazine together, which is enough to make these two shy guys, Kugayama and Sasahara, embarrassed to see them. But Tanaka doesn’t look the same.

Tanaka: Hey, Kasukabe.

Kasukabe: Hmm?

Tanaka: Why don’t you costume-play at the next college festival?

The rest of guys are all surprised at his suggestion. Kasukabe suddenly stands up and gives a chop down on Tanaka’s head.

Tanaka: To begin with it, I’d like to recommend you like Parn and Deed.

Kasukabe: You didn’t get it right, eh?

Tanaka: What do you think?

Kasukabe: Who’s Parn?

Kosaka: Parn is a knight and Deed is an elf.

Actually these are names of the main characters of the Record of Lodoss War, a Japanese fantasy novel.

Kasukabe: An elf? Does it happen to appear in the Lord of the Rings? Sweet! I love the Lord of the Rings!

To their surprise, she doesn’t hate fantasy stories at least.

Tanaka: Actually, she(Deed) is an high-elf.

Kugayama: But she(Kasukabe) is a bit too developed to be an elf… what?

Kasukabe: Yahh!!

She gives him another chop down on his head.

Tanaka: So, I thought she could work it out in other way.

Kosaka: That sounds pretty unique!

What all they’re talking about is that she’s wild enough to costume-play as Parn, a male knight, instead of Deed, a female elf.


Madarame: I think that’s good idea. You know, we’ve been having the same exhibition and playing the same films every year (at the college festival ). So, it could be a little fun and games at least.

Kasukabe stands behind him and grabs his bandaged right hand.

Madarame: Eeeek!!

Kasukabe: I heard two months to heal, right? Do you want it to take a little longer?

Madarame: All right! Stop holding my hand!

By this time, they didn’t know that a woman is coming up to their club.

( to be continued )


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