All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP4-3


To make a costume for Ouno, Tanaka and Kasukabe are going to her apartment so that Kasukabe can measure her size.

Ouno: Are you really measuring me in my apartment? I haven’t tidy up there yet.

Kasukabe: That’s all right. I never want to step in the guy’s room, either don’t wanna have them come in my room. Therefore, we’ve got only your apartment, see?

Tanaka: You’re so mean.

Ouno: I… see.

Kasukabe: OK, let’s go!

In fact, there’s something she’s up to in her mind.

Kasukabe: ( A room of female otaku? I’ll expose it! )

Eventually they get to the door of her apartment.

Ouno: Um, can you wait for a minute here? I’ll put away in my room.

Kasukabe: Then, can I help you?

Ouno: No thanks. I’ll be finished just in a moment.

Leaving the two in front of the door, she’s in her apartment alone.

Kasukabe: …Darn!

Tanaka: Don’t say…

But she’s not given up peeking at the inside.

Kasukabe: Hey, you didn’t see her lock the door, did you?

She puts her hand on the knob.

Tanaka: You shouldn’t do that.

Kasukabe: Oh, you won’t agree with me?

Tanaka: No, I won’t go with you.

Kasukabe: Oh, yeah? But I will.

She enters her apartment and sneaks up to the curtain that dividing the kitchen and her room. She doesn’t hesitate to open the curtain and finds Ouno just taking off some very specific posters on the wall.


Ouno: Eek!

Cart vendor’s voice: “Takeya- saodake-” ( Laundry-poles seller, bamboo poles. )

This phrase has been used by a kind of vendor(we call them Takeya in Japanese) who’s selling particular poles around in the city by car, which works like clothesline. Actually this has nothing to do with this scene but is just adding a humorous feeling between Ouno and Kasukabe.

Kasukabe: A bald man…?

Ouno: Um… well…

There’re variety of posters on the wall which all have a masculine, bald and middle-aged man with sunglasses. Ouno is very embarrassed to have them seen by her.

Kasukabe: Is this what you said you’d put away? Is it a joke?

Ouno: No, it isn’t…

Kasukabe: Oh, so you mean it?

Ouno: Yes…

Kasukabe: Hey, come in here, Tanaka.

Ouno: Stop, please stop!!

She grabs at her shoulder with strength.

Kasukabe: Ouch! Ughhh… Tanaka…


Even being held down, she keeps trying to let him see these posters in the room, which makes Ouno put more strength in her arms.

Ouno: Is it strange?! Do you think I’m strange?

Now Kasukabe’s head is being bent almost 90 degrees by her.

Kasukabe: Ugh…. stop it, give up!

With it, Ouno releases her. Kasukabe collapses on the floor and is being out of breath for a moment, then…

Kasukabe: Hehe… Tanaka!!

But as soon as she yells, Ouno squeezes up her choker so that she can’t speak words anymore. Then, she finally takes her down still on the floor.

( to be continued )


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