All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP4-6


Since Kasukabe couldn’t reach Kosaka, she came to Genshiken’s exhibit to make it sure.

Madarame: You can’t get to Kosaka?

Kasukabe: No, he doesn’t answer my call.

Madarame: He may be meeting his ex-girlfriend?

Kasukabe: Huh?

Sasahara: That’s impossible. He could be even more suspicious if he turned off his cellphone.

Kasukabe: But she could come on her own…

Suddenly her cellphone starts ringing. She thought it’s Kosaka but suddenly her look on her face changes serious when she sees the call number. She walks out of the room.

Kasukabe: Hello? Hmm, hmm. What?! You’ve been here?! OK, I’m coming.

The guys don’t know what happened to her.

Madarame: May her old love?

Sasahara: Please say her ex-boyfriend, at least.

Madarame: All right! Let’s make her bump into Kosaka! Go following after her, Sasahara!

Sasahara: No, I won’t!

Kugayama: Speaking of Kosaka, there’s a tournament of Guilty Gear going on at Ani-Ken so he’s supposed to be there, isn’t he?

Madarame: If you knew it, you should have told her.

Kugayama: Um, I couldn’t break in…

Madarame: Then, let’s go and make it sure at Aniken.

The guys leave the room but they soon notice Ouno also coming with them.

Madarame: Is it all right she walks around with that costume?

Sasahara: Maybe, it’s a festival, after all.

Tanga: As long as she puts on some jacket.

Kugayama: But someone must stay in the room anyway.

In the end, Kugayama himself had to be left in the exhibit. He starts watching Kuji-Un on the TV all alone. The following conversation is in Kuji-Un.

Tokino Akiyama: Amanitia virosa( Dokutsuru-Take in Japanese), it contains β-amanitin that could kill an adult with almost one cap. It’s also knows as the Destroying Angel. Cortinarius praestans( Mureou-Fuusen-Take in Japanese ), it’s know as Kurodaikoku.

For some reason, she’s very fond of the mushrooms.

( to be continued )


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