All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP4-10


An interview with Ouno as a costume-player.

Ouno: What’s the point of costume-playing for me? I’ve never exactly thought much about it. Um, well, if I have to put it out there, it’s something like me hovering just 3 millimeters from the ground and getting my temperature up by 3 degrees. It makes me a little bolder.


The aftermath.

Kasukabe is now in Kosaka’s room. He’s playing the video game by himself as always and she’s bored to be watching it on his bed. She picks something out of her purse, which is, surprisingly enough, the Nekomimi-headband that was the source of her nightmare at college festival. She kept it for some reason. Paying a glance at Kosaka, she tries to put it on her head so that she could catch his attention at least. But he’s not looking at her anyway so she ends up throwing it away, poor Kasukabe…


The preview for the next episode 5.

Kasukabe: How did you feel when you first experienced? Of course, I wouldn’t push it to you if you mind.

Kosaka: Hmm, it couldn’t be anything else but The First ( of GUN DAM series ), then followed the Magical Girls series; Momo, Mami, Persia, and Emi. For PRGs, I started off with Ultima as a PC game, I believe. Speaking of the games, do you know Life and Death? I can’t remember how many people I killed in that!

Kasukabe: Um…

Kosaka: And, The Manhole followed. Well, what were we talking about?

Kasukabe: “Sigh…”

She meant to ask him a question about his ex-girlfriends but, of course, he took it wrong but thought it as his history of Otaku life, poor Kasukabe…


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