All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP5-3


After the battle with Kitagawa at the student council, Kasukabe is having a smoke in the courtyard so she can cool down, which Genshiken guys are watching from the club room.

Madarame: Oh…

Ouno: Saki, she was trying pretty hard.

Tanaka: So, how did it end up?

Madarame: Needless to ask.

Sasahara: She seems to be in a worse mood than she normally is that we couldn’t get close to her.

Kugayama: No, not now.

Eventually, Kasukabe returns to their room.

Kasukabe: What a shit, Kitagawa…

Kugayama: No shit…

Ouno: She’s a woman, you know.

Kasukabe: She’s as good as a male as she drained away all her femininity! She’d join student activism and fight against the police if she lived in that time, I’m sure.

Madarame: You’re so mean.

Kasukabe: Damn, she called me an Otaku… Hey, can’t you take some advantage of her?

Guys: What?

Kasukabe: Like… wiretapping or peeping photos of her.

The guys are all awkward at her ideas.

Tanaka: What brings you there?

Madarame: You see us with a big prejudice, don’t you?

Kasukabe: You’re all Otaku, aren’t you?

She assumed Otaku as a kind of expert about machines as well, but…

Madarame: We have no tech-Otaku with us.

Kasukabe: What a useless bunch…

Kugayama: She’s so mean…

Kosaka: Aha.

Madarame: And it looks you’ve got your own revenge.

Kasukabe: You guys couldn’t be so easy now if you had joined that meeting. She was serious, meaning to break us up then you’d all kicked out. Is that OK?

Madarame: That… wouldn’t be nice…

She looks around their faces but they’re all resigned, although only Kaicho and Kosaka are as usual.

Kasukabe: Oh, no…

But Kaicho is looking straight at Kasukabe. He seems he’s got something for her.

( to be continued )


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