All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP5-4


One rainy afternoon, Kitagawa, the vice chairwoman of the student council, is in a cafeteria. She’s standing at a vending machine to buy a food ticket but the menu she wanted to eat has been suspended. She’s not happy about it so asks one of the clerk  s working nearby for a reason.

Kitagawa: Excuse me, why has it been taken off? This Takana Soba (= buckwheat noodles with leaf mustard ).

Woman: I don’t know. Maybe it’s not been very popular.

Kitagawa: If so, I think this Saba Moyashi Tendon (= fried fish with bean spout rice bowl )and Taro Gyoza are much less popular. I’ve never seen anyone ordering or eating them.

Woman: Oh dear, don’t you think you should talk to our bosses about such a matter?

Kitagawa isn’t convinced but has to give up for now because many students are waiting in line behind her and getting impatient. By the way, all these menu above are almost fictional; I’ve never seen them in regular restaurants in Japan.

Having no other choice, she gets something else and starts eating at one table, where the chairman shows up with his food and shares the table.

Chairman: I’m sorry the menu you loved has been taken off.

Kitagawa: Ah, it’s okay…

He seems to be interested in her actually.

Chairman: You know, I always go with this(= curry and rice ).

Kitagawa: Hmm? By the way, I’ve got to ask you about the application for new clubs…

Chairman: Oh, yes?

Even during meal time, she doesn’t forget about her job. She’s a pretty hard worker.


In the meantime, Kasukabe has been thinking to herself in Genshiken room, where Ouno shows up.

Ouno: Oh, have you been by yourself? You came early today, didn’t you?

Kasukabe: Yeah, I’ve been trying to come up with some good idea to put down Kitagawa.

Ouno: You never give up so easily.

Kaicho: Then, I have something for you.

Ouno: Eek! When did you come in, Kaicho?

Kaicho: Just now.

She’s frightened at him suddenly standing behind her before she knew it.

Kasukabe: Hey, what did you bring for me, Kaicho?

Kaicho: All right. Let me have a word with you…


Around the same time, Kitagawa and the chairman are discussing over new clubs in the student council office.

Kitagawa: What’s this Yomoyama Banashi Hyogikai? (= The conversational council for all sort of things )

Chairman: I guess it’s a chattering club.

Kitagawa: What?! It’s nonsense!!

Then, Kasukabe comes in the office again with Ouno. She’s very confident this time.

Kasukabe: Hello!

Ouno: Good afternoon.

Kitagawa: What do you want?

She doesn’t look happy obviously.

Kasukabe: Yeah, yeah…

She gives a glance at Kitagawa’s shoes.

Kasukabe: Hey, Kitagawa, let’s talk about something outside.

She keeps smiling on her face that seems weird to Kitagawa.

Kitagawa: Huh? What’s this?

Kasukabe: Come on, take it easy!

She even escorts her the door.

Kasukabe: Please watch your steps.

Kitagawa: You’re so strange…

The chairman remains in the office by himself wondering what’s going on.

( to be continued )


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