All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP5-8


A few days later, Kasukabe and Kosaka are in a cafeteria at lunch hour. She finds Kitagawa and the chairman, her new boyfriend, having lunch together over there.

Kasukabe: That damn athlete’s foot couple! They brought me such a misfortune!

Kosaka: I was really surprised you’ve joined Genshiken after all.

Kasukabe: Even I am surprised!

She gives out a big sigh when the new couple walks by them finishing their lunch. She glares at Kitagawa but…

Kitagawa: …Otapple.

She goes away just leaving the word to Kasukabe.

Kasukabe: What’s otapple?

Kosaka: I think she meant an Otaku Couple.

Like she called them athlete’s foot couple, Kitagawa called them otaku couple, too.

Kasukabe: What did you say to me?!

She screams at Kitagawa. Anyway, she has finally become a full member of Genshiken, even though she didn’t want to.


One day, Kasukabe and Ouno are killing time in the club room. Kuji-Un has been on the TV. This episode is about some website competition. The characters are competing how many access they can earn on each website in certain minutes.

While the opponent team has uploaded some cute bikini girls pictures on their website, Chihiro’s team has uploaded a boring train model picture. Obviously the opponent is leading them 1014 to 4 access.

Tokino: It should work!

She switched the picture to mushroom because she loves mushroom, though it doesn’t help anything.

Referee: 30 minutes left.

Komaki: We’re running out of time!

Izumi: Hey, Chihiro! You like computers, right? Then you know what kind of website people love to visit in general, don’t you?

Chihiro: Yeah, I guess so…

Izumi: Then just give us that and we’re starting up a new website with your idea!

Chihiro: But it’s a little…

Izumi: Hurry! No ifs, ands, buts!

He explains his special trick to the girls but…

Komaki: What?! I don’t wanna do that!

Izumi: What are you thinking about, Chihiro!

Chihiro: See? I didn’t want to say…

Referee: 15 minutes left.

Kzumi: We’ve got no other choice!

Komaki: Boo!!

By this time, their access counter is running almost 5000 behind of the opponent team.

The rival: Look, our neighbor’s been bummed out.

But the next moment, Chihiro team’s website starts picking up. Their access counter’s increasing very fast. The trick is that they’ve uploaded a picture of Tokino in bikini.

The rival: Oh, no!

Then, Izumi and Komaki’s pictures follow after that. The access number of their website increases at tremendous speed.

Referee: Only a minute left.

Now, the race is going down to the wire, which Kasukabe and Ouno have been watching, but suddenly she stands up and starts screaming.


Kasukabe: AHH!

Ouno: What’s up?

Kasukabe: Where did you change when you did costume-playing at the college festival?

Ouno: Well, in here.

Kasukabe: Oh, no!!

Ouno: Why not?!

But Kasukabe doesn’t answer. She just keeps crying over what they’ve done.

Ouno: What happened to you?!

They say ignorance is bliss. Ouno shouldn’t find out the mystery of Genshiken’s Kaicho. By the way, Chihiro’s team managed to turn the tables and win the game.


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