All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP6-1


Sasahara and Madarame are fighting each other in a video game in Genshiken room.

Sasahara: Oh, give me a break! The chain from a low kick to a middle special attack!

Madarame: I just succeeded it about once in five tries!

There’re also Ouno and Kasukabe in the same room watching them.

Ouno: Wow, they’re impressive, both Sasahara and Madarame.

But Kasukabe doesn’t look happy.

Kasukabe: Hey, Ouno, don’t you think your hair is too long?

Ouno: Oh, yeah?

Kasukabe: It makes you look a little scary.

Ouno: Um…

Kasukabe: Why don’t you have it cut a little shorter? And, with a little help of dying, your hair would look even lighter. Is that all for your cotume-playing?

Ouno: Yeah, that’s a part of the reason. You know, when I lived back in the U.S., some of my friends envied of my black straight hair so I couldn’t dye it.

Kasukabe: Well, that sounds really great but you’re in Japan now.

Ouno: …Yeah

Kasukabe: For your costume-playing, eh?

Ouno: Yes…

Kasukabe: How about the salon I usually go to? They would give you a discount with my introduction.

Ouno: Um, I’m not used to that kind…

Sasahara and Madarame have started to be interested in their conversation, which Kasukabe also notices, so they pretend to be concentrated in the game.

Kasukabe: Hey, Ouno. You’ve got too big boobs, haven’t you?

Ouno: What?!

As their topic has moved to it, these men have to listen to their conversation again.

Kasukabe: What’s the cup of your bra?

Ouno: You must know, Saki!

Kasukabe: Oh? I don’t remember.

She whispers to her after paying attention the guys.

Kasukabe: Jeez, I didn’t expect such a large cup needed to realize your anime-like boobs!

Ouno: Hey, Saki!

Sasahara: F?

Madarame: G?

Kasukabe: It sounds like a soccer league…

Madarame: J-League!!

Sasahara: The world cup!

There’s a soccer league called J-League in Japan.

Ouno: Shall I sue you for sexual harassment?

She’s pretty upset with her.

Kasukabe: Oh, you’re so scary!

Sasahara and Madarame pretend not to be listening to them.

Kasukabe: Hey, you aren’t ignoring us, are you?

Madarame: What’s the matter?

Kasukabe: Don’t be kidding. I’ve been trying to seize an opportunity to ask you for some advice.

Madarame: What’s that?

Ouno: Hm…

( to be continued )


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