All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP6-4


In the evening, Kasukabe has been in Kosaka’s apartment.

Kasukabe: I want to play Puyo Puyo.

Kosaka: What?

Kasukabe: I’ll compete with you with Puyo Puyo.

Kosaka: What’s the matter with you?

He’s pretty surprised that she wants to play the video game out of the blue.

Kasukabe: I gave it a try at Genshiken in this afternoon and I pretty enjoyed it.

Kosaka: Oh, yeah?

Now, they’ve started playing a video game together for the first time. She looks at his face to see how he’s feeling.

Kasukabe: ( How do you like it? )

And he smiles back at her. They both seem very happy, at least for now. But things suddenly change right after the game begin.

Kasukabe: Oh?

She does her best just as she was trained at Genshiken but she can never compared with Kosaka, after all. He’s been ready for multiple chains while she manages to erase one or two puyos. Then, with a cheerful voice of the character, a 10-chain has been completed at Kosaka’s side. If you don’t know the rule of the game, you just understand it’s a great technique of him.

Kasukabe: Oh, what?!

Getting a lot of ojama(= garbage ) puyos sent by Kosaka to her area, she’s lost the game in a moment.

Kosaka: Yes!

He doesn’t know pulling his punches whenever he plays video games just as Madarame worried.

Kasukabe: …Huh.

She stands up, walking up to the bed and gets curled up in the blanket.

Kasukabe: Costume-playing of Puyo Puyo. Does it look sexy?

Kosaka: You know, that’s a puyo though…


She tried very hard to play the video game with Kosaka but it didn’t work because he was so clueless. She just cried in the blanket and it was the last night she ever played video games…

( to be continued )


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