All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP6-8


Kasukabe shows up in front of Sasahara and his sister. She thought it’d be very funny if she pretends Sasahara’s girlfriend.

Kasukabe: What’s up? We’ve promised to go out, right?

Keiko: Oh, what?!

She’s pretty surprised at Kasukabe who claims his girlfriend.

Kasukabe: So, who’s she?

Sasahara: You know, Kasukabe. This is why I asked you not to come with me.

Kasukabe: Come on, Sasayan (his nickname)! You’re a so boring man!

Keiko can’t understand the situation yet.

Sasahara: She’s my friend’s girlfriend and… this is her way, you see.

Keiko: Is she Otaku?

Interestingly enough, this sibling asked the same question to Kasukabe at the first time. Of course, she isn’t happy about the question so she’s ready to punch her.

Sasahara: Give me a break. I don’t want me and my sister to get slapped for the same reason.

She changes her mind to use words instead of violence.

Kasukabe: You two really look alike.

Sasahara: Ugh…

Of course, it’s just humiliation for Keiko to be alike her brother.

Keiko: Hey, aren’t you too rude?

Kasukabe: Oh, yeah? Especially your eyes.

Keiko: Damn you!

Madarame: I’ve got the feeling I’m just watching something special.

Tanaka and Kugayama: Yeah…

Sasahara: Hey, you’ve had it enough, Kasukabe? And so you have, Keiko?

Women: Huh.


Kosaka: Hi, what are you doing here?

Then, he just got back from Akihabara. Keiko blushing at him because she’s very fond of nice looking guy. Kasukabe finds some long rolls sticking out of his backpack.

Kasukabe: ( As he went to Akihabara, he must have bought that nuisance Ota-goods again… )

Keiko: Nice to meet you!

She says hello to him with a full of smile on her face.

Sasahara: It’s my sister.

Kosaka: Nice to meet you, too.

Kasukabe: Now we go, Kosaka?

Sasahara: And he’s her real boyfriend.

Kosaka: Hey, here’s yours, Sasahara, which I made sure you over text message just now.

He hands Sasahara one of two rolls.

Sasahara: Thanks…

He feels a little embarrassed to have it in front of his sister but Kosaka doesn’t know.

Kosaka: It’s just on sale when I arrived!

Keiko: What’s this? Isn’t it too big? Very funny.

Sasahara: Yeah, yeah…

Kosaka: It’s actually taller than me! Do you wanna check out the pattern? I’ve got the same one.

Keiko: Oh, I’d love to, please?

She tries to be as much well-socialized as she can.

Sasahara: Oh, no, Kosaka! You can’t here!

Madarame: It must be that.

Kugayama: Yeah, they talked about it before.

Tanaka: We’ll see it.

Everyone but Kosaka and Keiko understand it shouldn’t be rolled out in public.

Kasukabe: Let’s go now, Kosaka. She’s got something to tell her brother.

Kosaka: Ah, I see.

Sasahara: And plus, it’d be in the way of people if it was opened here.

Keiko: Huh? There aren’t much people here?

Kasukabe: Hey sister, didn’t you have to hurry back to your boyfriend? You’ve still got the challenge to complete, right?

Sasahara: She’s right. Go quick with this money.

Keiko: What? I’m not in a hurry at all! I want to look at that now!

Kosaka: OK. Just a look.

Sasahara: Oh, not here!

He rolls out the large tapestry, which has a picture of a half-dressed cute elf girl lying on the bed… Yeah, this is Otaku!

( to be continued )


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