All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP6-9


Kosaka is very proud to show the Otaku tapestry but it’s too embarrassing for normal people to see straight. Even Kasukabe can’t stay with him there.

Announce: Please wait a minute. Please wait a minute.

An alarm voice hears from the station ticket gate. Of course, Keiko didn’t have any expectation of him showing such an Otaku tapestry since he looked so cool. She’s frozen up there for a while and looks at the tapestry then his face. After a long thought…

Keiko: Very pretty picture!

Sasahara: Ah, you’ve taken his looks in the end, Keiko…

Keiko: I like this!

Of course she doesn’t think so.

Kosaka: Thanks, it’s my favorite game’s character.

Kasukabe: Oh, please give me a break!!

She’s run away form Kosaka and been back to Genshiken group.

Tanaka: Oh, don’t you have to stay with him?

Madarame: Isn’t it worse for you to be seen being with us?

All of them can’t help laughing at how Keiko ended up with Kosaka knowing he is Otaku.

Sasahara: ( The tapestry cost 9,000 yen and the money lent Keiko is 5,000 yen. Now I’m totally broken. )

With his money, his sister decided to return home.

Keiko: Bye then.

Sasahara: Take care.

Just before the station gate, she gestures for him to come.

Sasahara: What?

Keiko: Is there any possibility Kosaka to quit Otaku?

Sasahara: Never dream of it. He’s farther Otaku than me.

Keiko: Really? He doesn’t look so!

Sasahara: You know, Kasukabe has been also trying to make him quit Otaku but just ended up treading a thorny path that we can’t see without feeling sorry for her.

Keiko: Ugh…

She goes away holding her head.

Sasahara: It’s time for you to stop picking up guys by his looks.


They get together with Genshiken group over there.

Madarame: Man, it ended up Kosaka stealing his thunder. I even feel sorry for his sister.

Kosaka: What do you mean?

Madarame: So, is the tapestry 9,000 yen? I see you can’t afford a computer as you spend money like this.

Sasahara: I know, but I don’t want to deny myself not buying anything I think good.

He looks like being proud of his way but…

Madarame: Needless to say, Sasahara, we all know you don’t have the porn game itself( the tapestry’s character shows on )! You’ve been playing it at Kosaka’s apartment, right?

Sasahara: Um, hehe…

Madarame: It’s time you bought a computer! Don’t eat anything for three months!

Sasahara: I can’t!

Kugayama: For the first step, how about abstaining from either video games or DVDs?

Tanaka: Computers are less expensive these days.

In the evening of the day, Kasukabe has been in Kosaka’s apartment. He’s been playing a video game by himself and it’s boring for her.

Kasukabe: Hey, Kosaka.

Kosaka: Yes?

Kasukabe: Are you watching an animation tonight again?

Kosaka: No, I’m not.

To hear it, she’s very happy to hug him on the bed and looks up the ceiling, where the large tapestry he just bought is put on. She can’t help feeling difficult with it, poor Kasukabe…

( to be continued )


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