All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP7


“The Characteristics of Behavior Selection over Human Relationships”

One day in April, Kasukabe and Kosaka are walking together in the college.

Kasukabe: It’s been getting warmer.

Kosaka: I know.

They see many freshmen here and there.

Freshman: Is the 7th school building on this way?

Freshman: I guess so.

It’s been a year since they were admitted to this college and they now have new students.

Kasukabe: Look, there’s been freshmen already.

Kosaka: Is anyone going to join Genshiken, too?

Kasukabe: Oh, I hope not… ( The more active Genshiken becomes, the more difficult Kosaka quits from it… )

Eventually they arrive at their club room.

Kosaka: Hello.

Madarame: Hi.

Ouno: Hey, Saki!

Kasukabe: Yes?

Ouno: How about costume-playing with me for inviting new member?

Kasukabe: Not on your life!

Ouno: Oh, yeah? Then how long does it take you to start costume-playing?

Kasukabe: Wait, it isn’t the matter of time, right?

Ouno: Yes, it is?

Kasukabe: Absolutely not!

Madarame: There, there. We’ve been just talking about the costume-playing and we think it’s a little too narrow to be our invitation. You know, it’s for just two of us(Ouno and Tanaka).

Sasahara: It’s almost a personal hobby.

Kugayama: You can do whatever you like in this club, however the costume-play for inviting new member seems to be a little too much.

Madarame: As you can see, this is our feelings.

It seems they aren’t very encouraged about her costume-playing but…

Ouno: But I want to make use of every opportunity for costume-playing myself!

Madarame: Oh, I see. You don’t look like you when it comes to costume-playing…

Ouno: Oh, yeah?

Kasukabe: Be careful. May some fruit cakes would like to join.

Madarame: That isn’t the matter to worry about actually.

Kasukabe: Since there’s got a bunch of fruitcakes here already?

Being taken a point by her, the guys are just laughing at each other.

( to be continued )


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