All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP7-1


Kasukabe: So, haven’t you started with what’s its name regular convention yet? Go ahead.

Madarame: Oh, not that mean way!

Anyway the guys start talking about Kuji-Un over watching TV.

Ritsuko(Kuji-Un): No stranger is welcome.

Kosaka: The original turned the 2nd season with a new character who’s messing up the whole story they said.

Madarame: She’s got a nerve.

In the story of Kuji-Un, a man suddenly showed up and he broke into Kaicho’s room through the window without her permission.

Kugayama: Now I even miss Alex.

Sasahara: It’s a brand-new rare cut around Daiso(?) and it’s very powerful.

I have to admit that I can’t figure out what they’re exactly talking about here. It could have something to do with Kuji-Un stories but I’m not sure.

Kasukabe: Hey, how can you repeat watching the same thing over and over? Do you enjoy it?

Madarame: Oh, you do ask me that? Well, yes or no? I’m watching it since I’m rather enjoying it, if you ask.

Kasukabe: Hmm…

Alex(Kuji-Un): You’re such a boring girl.

Kasumi(Kuji-Un): Kaicho!

Then Kasukabe suddenly start yelling.

Kasukabe: Talking about Kaicho, has he graduated or left the college yet?

Madarame: Kaicho? Hm, I have no idea.

Kugayama: Come to think of it, how’s he doing now?

Sasahara: I don’t know.

Kasukabe: Did he get a job? Went up to the graduate school, or is still staying in the same grade? Wait, what grade is he actually?


Kaicho: I’m still here.

He suddenly appears behind her like a ghost, at which she’s very frightened.

Kasukabe: Eek!!

Kaicho: Don’t be so scared?

Kasukabe: Anyone does!

Kaicho: Do you have something to be blamed?

Kasukabe: No, nothing!

Kaicho: So for your relieves, I’ve got some news today.

Kasukabe: What’s that?

Kaicho: I think I’m retiring from Kaicho.

They don’t particularly look surprised, though.

Madarame: That’s a sudden and big news.

Kaicho: I thought I was going to graduate finally.

Sasahara: ( Finally?! How long has he been in college? )

Kugayama: ( So didn’t he mean to graduate so far? )

Kaicho: I’m going to work on the thesis the whole year since I’ve had enough data for it.

Kasukabe: ( What kind of data?! )

Kaicho: Now, I’d like to designate Madarame for the next Kaicho.

Madarame: Oh, me?!

Sasahara: I think it’s a good idea. He’s practically been in that position.

Kugayama: Remember that Haraguchi will be the only senior.

No one in there wants him to be their boss.

Kaicho: Don’t worry. I’ve been also depending on Tanaka for managing the club.

Madarame: Well, shouldn’t Tanaka be offered the job first?

Kasukabe: Why not? You’re just fit.

Her words encourages him.

Madarame: Oh, I see. Then, I’ll do my best!


They all congratulate him on taking up Kaicho, however…

Kaicho: Now you’re the 2nd Kaicho. Good luck.

All: The 2nd?!

Kasukabe: Only two?!

They can’t imagine how long the first Kaicho has been in the college. But the next moment he’s already gone somewhere before they ask him.

Kasukabe: He’s disappeared!

The first Kaicho has been a mysterious man until the very end.

( to be continued )


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