All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP7-3


Kasukabe doesn’t like having more member with Genshiken so she starts bullying new bees so that they’d leave the club.

Kasukabe: Why don’t you introduce yourselves?

Sawazaki: Sorry, I’m Sawazaki.

Kuchiki: My name is Kuchiki. Please call me Kuchie.

Kasukabe and Madarame think of him a little strange.

Kasukabe: No way!

Madarame: There, there.

Kasukabe: You want my name, too? Well, it’s getting bothered so I won’t.

She doesn’t care about being very rude to the new guys.

Madarame: Come on, Kasukabe?

Kasukabe: You know, I’ve got no my name to introduce to Otaku.

Madarame: Don’t mind her. She isn’t Otaku.

Sawazaki: Then, you won’t do costume-playing?

Kasukabe: Costume-playing? Talking about Ouno? You two must have been lured by her costume-playing, after all?

Madarame: Hey, Kasukabe…

Kuchiki: Oh, no, nothing!

He tries to be funny with a Japanese joke which makes Kasukabe more irritated.

Madarame: You know Kasukabe, don’t get rough, okay? They’re new bees.

Kasukabe: All right, Kaicho… But I warn you not to join this club, you guys.

New bees: Huh?

Kasukabe: To tell the truth, this room is haunted.

Madarame: What?

Kasukabe: A ghost of the first Kaicho who died five years ago…

Madarame: Oh, don’t be kidding. The first Kaicho is still alive! Don’t kill him for your sake!

Kasukabe: It’s true! I’ve seen him from time to time, although I just haven’t tell you! His doggy face with glasses was glanced between the books on the shelves…

She even pretends to have tears in her eyes.

Madarame: What’s the hoax?

Suddenly she’s very shocked to see the back of the new bees.

New bees: What?

Kasukabe: Don’t look back now, you guys. A man’s face behind the shelves…

There’s the first Kaicho’s face appears behind the shelves, although it’s just a imagination of her.

Madarame: All right, cut the kidding!

Kosaka: You’re a very good actress, Saki.

Sawazaki: Oh, I knew she was joking.

Kasukabe: I don’t know.

Madarame: ( As I expected, she’s already started bullying the new bees. I must stop her from doing it by all means, as Kaicho! )

It’s going to be his first job as Kaicho to make them getting along with each other.

( to be continued )


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