All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP7-4


Madarame plans to throw a welcome party for new member so that they’ll fit in the club soon, especially with Kasukabe. They’ve come in a bar in the evening.

Madarame: Now we begin Genshiken welcome party. Bottoms up!

All: Bottoms up!

Drinking up the first round, they’re all enjoying the party except Kasukabe. Sasahara finds one of new bees named Sawazaki have drunk little.

Sasahara: You may not like alcohol? Then…

Sawazaki: Um, is there no binge drinking?

Sasahara: No, we won’t do that.

Sawazaki: Oh, that’s too bad… Don’t be so withered.

Sasahara: You know, we’ve just got our own way…

The other new bee named Kuchiki is looking at the menu to order.

Kuchiki: Excuse me?

Waiter: Can I help you?

Kuchiki: A pizza with spring vegetables, a handmade omelet, a croquette, a chinese steamed bun, a fried cheese wanton and…

He gives too many orders by himself at one time that doesn’t look very nice of him to Kugayama and Kasukabe.

Kugayama: Hey…

Kuchiki: Oh, do you have any order, too?

The main point Kugayama worries about is the bill they’ll have to pay later. So he asks Madarame for his idea.

Kugayama: How about the course?

Madarame: Um, it’s a welcome party for them, after all.

It could be less expensive if they’d go with some courses but Madarame lets the new bees go as they like.

Kugayama: Then, I’d have a fried chicken and…

Kuchiki: N(y)ooo!!! I never agree with chicken! No fried chicken!

He suddenly stands up and starts yelling that makes the rest of them all surprised.

Kugayama: Then, I’ll cancel the fried chicken…

Waiter: I see, sir.

Kugayama: I’ll have a pickled eggplant instead.

Kuchiki: Yeees!!

He makes a big circle with his arms to show his agreement. Not only Genshiken’s member but also the other customers see him at a loss.


As the party goes, Kasukabe is getting unhappy more and more when Sawazaki talks to her.

Sawazaki: Your clothes is made of Cecil, isn’t it? Man, it looks great on you!

Kasukabe: Great, huh?

She isn’t very happy with his compliment.

Sawazaki: Well, I’ve seen few people who really suit the brand.

Kasukabe: I’m a kind of person who’s got a doubt if there’s an ulterior motive when he compliment me on my clothes at first sight, unless he’s been one of my friends.

Sawazaki: Oh, don’t get me wrong!

He’s too frank to her that makes her unpleasant.

Kasukabe: You have no chance.

Sawazaki: What?

Kasukabe: I’ve been here to just make sure for Kosaka.

Sawazaki: Oh, yeah? You two don’t look like that way.

Kasukabe: What way?

Sawazaki: You know, I just saw you are friends.

Kasukabe: It’s none of your business!

Sawazaki: I’m sorry. That’s a sensitive matter.

Kasukabe: I tell you, I have no hospitality for you, even though it’s a welcome party.

Sawazaki: Come on, let’s enjoy together?

Tanaka: What do you like for the next round, Ouno?

He finds her glass is empty.

Ouno: Um, well, the same one please.

Tanaka: Excuse me, waiter.

Waiter: Can I help you?

Then suddenly Kuchiki starts singing loudly. The party is getting chaotic more and more.

( to be continued )


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