All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP7-8


By the request of drunk Ouno, they all come to Kosaka’s apartment to go on the party.

Kosaka: Sit down anywhere you want.

Sasahara: Sorry to bother you.

Kasukabe: Yeah, sure you are!

She criticizes them because she doesn’t like the bunch of guys crashing at her boyfriend’s apartment. Ouno is still clingy to her on the bed.

Kugayama: Can I read your comic books, Kosaka?

Kosaka: Sure.

They starts browsing at Otaku goods which they’re interested in each other in his room and so does Sawazaki. But Kasukabe doesn’t like him doing the same, even though the rest of guys are barely acceptable.

Kasukabe: You should know it’s not your own room, freshman.

Sawazaki: Why not? I’m already in the same club, right?

Kasukabe: You’re still a trial member.

Sawazaki: This club is pretty good. I don’t mind becoming a member.

She has to come up with some way so that she can discourage him from joining the club by all means. By the way, Ouno is starting nodding off by her.

Kasukabe: OK, let’s have an exam.

Guys: What?

Kasukabe: An admission exam. If you win Kosaka by the fighting game, you can join our club.

Sawazaki: Sounds good. I like fighting games.

Anyone else but him(and maybe Kosaka himself) in here believes he has no chance.

Kasukabe: Very good!

Kosaka: Do you wanna give it a try?

Sawazaki: OK, I will!

Madarame: Hey, you’d better not, seriously!

Sawazaki: Huh?

Kasukabe: Come on!

Kosaka: Take it easy. It will be a good friendly match as well.

Kasukabe: No, you just play with him as usual.

Kosaka: Oh, yeah?

Kasukabe: Just like you did to me when Puyo Puyo!

Kosaka: I see…

She didn’t forget she got beaten up by him with the game.

So, they’re going to have a video game match as Sawazaki’s admission exam.


( to be continued )


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