All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP7-11


The preview for the next episode.

Tanaka: You don’t feel moe* with sisters, do you?

Sasahara: No, I’d rather like childhood friends.

Tanaka: Then, how about maids?

Sasahara: Very nice! And I can’t go without checking neko-mimi* even a little out of date!

Tanaka: I like girls in bandage myself.

Sasahara: How about a tsundere* chairwoman?

Tanaka: Yes!

Sasahara: I wish some games or anime dealing with those characters to come out!

Tanaka: A maid with neko-mimi who’s a childhood friend. She’s usually a strict chairwoman at school but sometimes becomes dojikko*, and also tundere to the hero.

Sasahara: Wow, I must feel moe with that!


*moe … an emotion to adore some characters.

*neko-mimi … cat’s ears put on human heads like a headband.

*tsundere … a type of character who has both sweet and bitter sides.

*dojikko … a type of character who’s easy to be like a bull in a china shop.


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