All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP8-2


A work schedule for the better model kits is put on the white board by Tanaka.

“The step up lesson for beginners ~ Just follow them and you can perk it up! ” by Genshiken.

Step1, Make the joints seamless.

Step2, Smooth the edges.

Step3, Sand out the sink marks.

Step4, Put in an ink.

Step5, Put on stickers.

Step6, Spray for matting.

Kasukabe: Did you take your time to prepare this?

Tanaka: In fact, spring is the best season for model kits. In summer and winter, it’s difficult to control humidity as well as temperature.

Kasukabe: I didn’t ask you that.

Tanaka: Then, why not autumn? It gets colder and colder as you make it and, in the end, you’d feel like to give up before you get to painting, aha.

Kasukabe: I said I didn’t ask you!

She feels annoyed, but anyway the lesson starts.

Tanaka: OK, let’s get it started.

Sasahara, Ouno: Sure!

They take their own model kits out of the package and lay them down on the table.

Ouno: A lot of fine parts!

Tanaka: Surprising? Then I’d recommend you not to step up to PG series in a hurry.

( PG… Perfect Grade series. They’re even higher grade of Gunpla than MG ones. )

Madarame: You may have completed PGs all, Tanaka?

Tanaka: Yeah, almost all.

Kasukabe: Model kits, they’re just toys, eh?

Her words definitely gets a rise out of Tanaka.

Tanaka: Hey, wait. I’m sorry but I have to say there’s a huge difference between model kits and toys. Actually you have to assemble model kits on your own.

Kasukabe: If so, model kits are inferior than toys, right?

Tanaka: No, that’s not true! As you’re building up the whole kit piece by piece, you could even put the spirit into the model kits, in other words, you can devote yourself into them much more than toys!

Kasukabe: Hmm hmm.

He goes on explaining to her showing his own model kit.

Tanaka: So, this type of model kits really reflect the character of the builder.

But he didn’t realize this is the beginning of his tragedy yet.

( to be continued )


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