All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP8-5


Today, they finally get to start building up the model kits.

Tanaka: Let’s get them temporary assembled during today.

Ouno: Sure, I’ll do my best!

They start clipping off each piece of parts with nippers.

Tanaka: Be careful, and you’d better clip off those pins shorter. It’ll help you disassemble them after once half-assembled.

Ouno: Yes, sir!

Madarame: It must be a fun as it doesn’t require you any special techniques yet?

Ouno: Yeah, but I’m getting nervous already.

Tanaka: Take it easy or you couldn’t hold on until inking in. You wouldn’t be easy to catch your breath at that time!

Ouno: Oh, I’m worried if I can make it. But GMi seems more difficult to ink in than mine?

Sasahara: Do you think so? I should get ready for it.

There’s been an comfortable mood in the room, where Kasukabe comes in, who seems to be in bad mood.

Tanaka: Ooh!!

Kasukabe: What’s “Ooh”?

Tanaka: It’s… nothing. Keep going, guys.

Ouno, Sasahara: Sure.

Kasukabe: Where’s Kosaka?

Madarame: I have no idea.

He and Kugayama try not to get her provoked as much as they can.

Kasukabe: All right.

She takes a seat. Ouno and Sasahara put away their parts on the table in a hurry.

Kasukabe: I won’t do anything!

Ouno: Sorry, I didn’t mean it…

Even with Kasukabe, they’ve got to keep building up the model kits. Ouno seems very concentrated.

Ouno: I just finished up the head!

Tanaka: It was a great pace of you.

Sasahara: You made it so quickly.

Ouno: I know GMi has more parts with the head.

Madarame: Let me see. Oh, it looks good. It’ll be perfect with mono-eye sticker.

Ouno: Really? Thanks!

Kasukabe: You guys look very happy, eh?

She’s been reading a fashion magazine and may not be feeling she’s fitting in.

Guys: Um…

They don’t know what to say to her.

Madarame: You know, the mono-eye works as a main camera…

Kasukabe: Are you probably taking care of me?

Madarame: Um, I was just talking to myself…

Kasukabe: Hm, hm.

To change the mood in the room, he turns on the TV to watch Kuji-Un. They stop their hands and start watching it for a change.

( to be continued )


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