All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP8-6


Kasukabe hasn’t been fitting in Genshiken guys recently, who have been happy to make the model kits. Madarame decided to watch Kuji-Un for a change.

Komaki: …Without the 5th person…

They, the characters of Kuji-Un, seem to have something to do with a horror story today.

Komaki: The second scary story…

Kasukabe: ( How uncomfortable in here! Should I leave here now?! )

Eventually they finish watching Kuji-Un.

Sasahara: Today’s Kuji-Un was pretty good especially with the sub characters all going wild!

Ouno: Yeah, I think Tokino looked more alive than usual.

Madarame: That’s right.

Kugayama: With a six-month run, it’s fun to see some silly episodes like this.

Madarame: I agree. If it was only 13 episodes, they’d just have to follow up the main stories. Got any other idea?

Ouno: Saki, I’d love to hear your opinion if you watched it, too?

Kasukabe: What?

She’s twirling the head of Ouno’s model kit, which they’re all shocked by.

Ouno: Um, that is…

Kasukabe: I was just looking at this.

Tanaka: You know, that isn’t completed yet and easy to go apart!

He’s especially freaking out.

Kasukabe: I know, I know, I’ll give it back. Here, sorry about bothering your head.

Ouno: Oh, I didn’t mean it, sorry…

Kasukabe walks out of the room. They all give out a big sigh.

Kugayama: Does she want to make a model kit, too?

Madarame: That’s the last thing she would!

Sasahara: No way!

Tanaka: Nonsense!

Ouno: On the second thoughts, I’m thinking of inviting her.

But the guys don’t agree with her.

Madarame: Uh-oh, I’m not sure about that.

Sasahara: She’s never interested!

Ouno: All right guys, but making model kits is such a fun…

She feels a little sorry for Kasukabe.

( to be continued )


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